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Hellfire for Nias?

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  • Hellfire for Nias?

    Guys, Heading to Nias Feb / March for some very early season waves (fingers crossed).
    I have my MC 6'11" and was looking for another board to take if it's is out of season.
    Thinking Hellfire 6'6"?
    My current boards all run to around 21" wide and 27/8" - 3" thick.......anything to help the paddle in!
    Will the Hellfire handle up to 6' Nias?
    I want to still be able to surf something back home, am I looking in the right place with this board?


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    I think I'd be looking at the Hellrazor maybe the 6'7 if you want extra volume.


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      Thanks Slowman
      I'm from Cabarita which is notoriously fat most of the time, so looking for something that will perform in indo but also excel at home.
      That said Hellrazor 6.7 or Hellfire 6.6?


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        HDF, np. I love my HF and it went well in Indo for me. I haven't yet surfed a HZ but I hear they are pretty versatile and can grovel OK which you might hope translates to going OK in fat waves too.

        The HF goes OK in fuller waves but goes better in hollower waves. I suspect the HZ can go hollower better though I have no firsthand experience.


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          ive just got my HZ and i can get it into semi punchy 2ft waves takes a bit of extra gusto but it will surf it but not that well, ledgey/ hollow / fast bowling waves? it eats them alive only ridden it up to 4ft waves so far though. specs 5'11/75kg/24y.o/fit board 5'11 HZ WCT Futures


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            Ive never ridden my FW,s at Nias but ive surfed Nias since the Nias quake and for an Indo hollow kind of wave its pretty easy to surf especially head high and below, it just stands up real predictable and lets you in, its hollow but not heavy or shallow, unlike HT,s in Mentawais kinda similar set up in a way but its shallow and shifts around more and the take off is harder, im comparing it to HT,s because i personally wouldn't want to have my Hellfire there, but at Nias id be comfortable with my Hellfire.

            Im actually going to be there for a bit late March and will just have my 5,10 Hellfire and 6,3 Flexfire with me.


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              Thanks for that.
              I'm really looking forward to surfing the bay. Can you recommend any good accommodation ? Preferably right on the point and air conditioned.
              Appreciate your feedback


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                Sorry it has been a few years since i have been there (2007) at that time all the place were pretty basic, not sure if there was any with A/C.

                Key hole surf camp is perhaps the most well known place on the point, but pretty sure no A/C,

                There is a few websites for places there if you search on google, you can book ahead and get them to pick you up from airport, but its not really a place you need to book before you go especially out of season, personally i think a good strategy is to show up pay your transport to wait for half an hour or dump all your things and have one guy sit with it all, while others go have a look at each place and prices that way you can see what you getting and also at that time of the year after being so quite if they know your shopping around theres more room to bargain.

                ha know something i noticed, staying at a place where one of the local rippers is part of the family that owns the accommodation can be a real help in the water.

                And yeah a good view of the wave is important for entertainment and to catch gaps in the crowd.