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    Im new to the world of FireWire.. Just got my first one a few weeks ago.. 5'10 hellfire.. Id heard about the extra float with these boards so wasn't to sure what length to go with.. I'm. 5'10 myself and weigh between 165 and 175.. Does the 5'10 seem to b about right for that hurrah and weight or should I have gone smaller?? Im a lil confused by this board but I'm still learning the board itself.. I'm a decent surfer. I'm 37 been surfing for about 25 years but I was out of the water for the majortey of the winter. Ive been surfing surfing again daily for about the last 3 weeks and should b for the rest of my life hopefully.. I've got a set of venture 2 futures in the hellfire right now.. This board one day will b a blast and the next day will be fusterating.. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with me and the fact that the waves have sucked lately wich means I don't get as many opertunitys to try different things with the board.. It definetly seems fast when I need it to be.. It seems as tho if I drop into a solid overhead screamer the board gets really tight tho.. Also when I go to throw a cutback it seems like you really haft to push it thru the water.. I'm thinken maybe because my back foot is to far forward and I need to move it back a bit to get that good pivot off the tail.. This is the first dimond tail I've road so.. Ive pulled a couple 360s on it.. If u find the right section the board def goes.. I guess that's why it seems fusterating.. One day it's killing it beaten the shit outta the lip, rippen 360s around and blasten airs and the next it's falling off on cutbacks.. Pearling while paddling in.. Hitten the lip and losen speed.. My question is one does 5'10 sound about right for my weight and hieth... And number to what conditions is this board designed for? I'll b on the east coast all summer but then I'm headed to costs rica for the entire winter and need to figure out what boards to stick up on to bring down with me.. 3 hellfires.. Couple hellfires and a dominator.. Hellfire and a dominator.. A bourez?? Who's riden what out there?? Im diggen the firewires so I just wanna get set up on the right ones the right size for me and the right board for the right surf then I wanna surf day and night till have these boards fukn wired.

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    The sizing is good in my opinion. It is a pretty back footed board so you do want to jam that foot back and ride it off the tail. It's a mid to good range board. Not really meant as a groveller but I have a friend that does well on his in all conditions. He's pretty light on his feet and a good surfer. As far as building a quiver, the 6'0 x 18"3/4 x 2"3/8 Bourez is a good pick for when the waves are steep and bowly and you want to rip turns in the critical part of the wave. The Hellfire is a bit wide and flat to excel in this respect to me. You could go with something like a Dominator or one of the Potato line as a step down for when the waves are junky and you still want to have fun when it's small/onshore.


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      Preciate the help.. I'm new to the sight as well as FireWire but figured out the volume calculator so I'm stoked now.. The 5'10 was right on.. U pretty much read my mind with the taters.. I was plannen on a 5.1 baked potato for the crap east coast summer.. I do like the looks of the dominator to.. And I like the hell razor as a step up from the hellfire and I'm looken at the bourez as a high performance.. I actually would rather have the old taj the 6'2 before he beefed up but I can't find it in the order anywhere so I'm guessen there not n production since he split.. Hopefully I'll end up with all 4 of those boards to stick in wit the hellfire but that's alota loot cakes to scrounge up.. Think I'm un concentraight on the bp.. I've got the hf.. And then the bourez.. Maybe an extra hf and an extra mb just in case I run n2 any bad luck with one.. Prolly dont wana clutter my head wit to many choices on boards anyway.. Keep it simple.. Here's another question?? What's the situation with getn any graffix on your firewires and how do u choose em?

    • Chris
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      Hey Get krunk, we don't do a whole lot of graphics right now on the deck of our boards, typically people contract that out or do it themselves...