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    Hey guys .. I have been reading on the sa3 and sa4 fins for the hellfire and everybody seems very stocked about them.. Im wondering im 5'7 about 65 kg preaty solid surfer and i was wondering if the sa3/4 setup isnt too big for me .. i have a 5'8 hellfire im about to buy the sa3/4 ? Any thoughts or recomendations for the best fins for a small guy like me ? Thx

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    I think Nev uses the SA3 at 69kg


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      Really 69 kg ? Well i guess thats what im gonna try.. Thx phill


      • Phill
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        According to Dave (corepersonaltraining). Seems about right, Nev is a whippet!!

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      I've gone on the Future Fin website and I can only find the SA five fin set in the largest size SA4. I went to my local Ripcurl Store where I purchased a new 6'2 hellfire fst and they didn't have the SA3 set either. Did they discontinue them? When I tried the SA4 in my old 6'4 Hellfire they were two stiff and hard to turn for me... So I'm using the Stretch fins....


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        I tore the sticker off too fast that came on my hellfire to go surf that day! I think it recommended the stretch set and pc 5 or 7 s depending on your weight. I had a set of Al Merick PCs, the large ones and I haven't taken them off in a year. My stretch set is just gathering dust but plan to try them soon. the board was just so magic that I haven't wanted to change anything...


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          I called the Future Fins Office in Huntington Beach, CA. They said they had discontinued making the SA3's in a four fin configuration. You can still find them in the thruster configuration.
          So, for us middle weights, they suggested the Tim Stamp model which they said was most like the SA model...
          Thoughts anyone?


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            I grabbed a medium sized Clay Marzo 5 fin set. I like them a lot. Easy to turn, plenty of hold and nice drive on the wave face. Since I wasn't able to get the SA3 in a quad or five fin set these will do the trick! I've been using them in 3-5 ft. point break waves....