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  • Ye Olde Sizing question

    I bought a 6'6" Spitfire last year and it's been a great board for progressing.

    I now find it a bit too big for anything head high or bigger. Doesn't duck dive as well as I want. Was really tough in head-and-a-half surf 8 weeks ago, skated all over the place. I definitely needed a different board.

    Waves around here (pacific NW USA) range from mushy junk to overhead firing. Rarely steep enough drops to pearl the Spit, though it's happened once or twice.

    I'm 45 years old, 185 (195 with wet 5mm wetsuit), in good shape, and I think I qualify as intermediate (landed my first nice backside slide last week).

    So... 6'4" or 6'6" Hellfire? Losing 10 litres sees a bit much. Losing 4 litres seems reasonable though.

    I'll keep my Spit for grovel days.

    I'll probably set it up as a thruster like my Spit. My backside on quads is problematic.

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    In that case I think you would be happy with the 604 Hellfire.

    - Firewire Intern Josh


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      Well I bought the 606 Hellfire. Loved it for a couple of months, and... it's too big! Should have gotten the 604. It's still fun but it feels a bit boaty at times. There seems to be a compromise between buying too small a board and struggling to get used to it, and buying too big of a board, having fun for a month or two, and then getting used to it and wanting something smaller.

      Next on list - Potatonator. I'm guessing the 510