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Hellfire right volume help!

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  • Hellfire right volume help!

    Hey there guys,

    So after reading unnumerable entries in this forum, I have decided to post my own question, as I want to be sure before buying my first firewire board :). Definitely going for a HF. Can´t decide whether I should get a 6.0 or a 5.10 instead. Volume calculator - that devilish creation!! - points I should be getting a 6.2!!, wich I believe is way to much volume. Even the 6.0 seems to much volume for me...

    Right now I'm riding a Clayton -southafrican board - Trickster 5.11x19 3/4x2 1/2. but...hey! I'm curious about the way those firewires will find some more info about my trickster following the link below, but not a word about board volume or appropriate surfer's weight: . Board paddles well, moves fast, floats me reasonably well...but I think it may be lacking some more volume...

    So here I am, struggling to decide which way to go. I'm an intermediate surfer, 42, 5.9 ft and 77 kgs, somehow fit and pretty good looking for my age, if you don't consider my rampant hair loss... :) surfing mainly pointbreak waves from 2 to 6 ft.

    Would appreciate some advise on this...Cheers,

    The Trickster is a modern short board. It is ridden 2 - 4 inches shorter for a tighter turning circle. The wider bump squash helps plane through the flat section & adds to the boards acceleration

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    if you can surf, then its the 510 easy... i''m older than you, balding like you, and 6ft and ride the 510 over 90kg's.. Nev, it's designer, at 70kg, also rides the 510... both run the futures sa3 fins in it... the 510 is a quiver killer... i rode it almost exclusively for 18 months from 1ft to heavy slabs.. never touched my potato chip 6'2's... the only reason its gathering dust now is that i'm being blown away by the 506 vanguard... it's still beside the bed though, so i can caress its sensual curves before bed.......
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      thar she blows


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        Que tal Paco?. Con 85Kgs en aquel entonces cuando la compré, encontré que la Hellfire 6'0" tenía demasiadp volúmen para mí. Yo creo que cpn la 5'10" darías en el clavo sobretodo si tu nivel es intermedio and up


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          Thanks guys, seems like it's going to be the 510...

          Gracias Iggy, un placer encontrarse con un hispano parlante por estos foros! Te agradezco el detalle. He tenido en mis manos la 600, y me pareció grande como un barco...pero quería estar seguro. He leido maravillas en el foro sobre la velocidad y las posibilidades de la HF, ya volveré para contar mis impresiones.



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            get the futures plugs so you can get the sa3's... plus the base stability is second to none....


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              Eso Paco se me olvidó decirte,si tienes la posibilidad y puedes pedirla con FUTURES plugs mejor todavía,la selección de aleranos es muccho más diversa y mejor estudiada, cuando puedas cuelga algunas fotillos ;)


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                yeah, i agree 100% with iggy.... WHAT THE HELL DID HE SAY??????? HA...!!!

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              Iggy said just what you said before.... get Futures...But no, I won't wait for three months, cant wait that long.. hehehe...I will get the board next week with fcs plugs..


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                there are a couple of simon templates in fcs... hold them against the futures sa's to see which are the same/closest... its THE fin for that board