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Hellfire 600 or 510?

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  • Hellfire 600 or 510?

    Sorry to be another guy posting size questions, but i'm thinking of selling my Dominator 5'8'' and buy something else that can hold a little better in bigger waves (for anything below waist high i have a sweet Potato 5'4'').

    I'm 45 years old, 5'11'' and weigh around 169 lbs. I was thinking of going for a Unibrow 5'11'' but it will be months before one is available so i have been looking for other options like the Hellfire. The question is whether to go for a 600 or for a 510. Will the 510 feel small compared to the Dominator 5'8''? Will i struggle with it if the waves are mushy?

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    I wouldn'tg


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      Keep the dominator and buy a 5'10 hellfire to go with it! Or wait for the UB. Perhaps the UB might be a better match with the dom. Local club comp on the w/e the guy that came 2md in the opens was riding a UB and had a very fluid style of turning (partly him and partly due to the board I suspect) somewhat like the dom, so I think they'd complement each other better.


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        When you're spending that much money on a nice surfboard, I would say the wait for the UB is worth it. Better to wait and get exactly what you want then get your second choice right away - in my opinion.

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          if you want the hellfire get the 510.... absolutely no question about it...


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            in rapidfire with futures sa3 fins.... or wait..... if you can..!!


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              Thanks for all the answers.

              Just to explain better, the Dom 508 is at that stage when it still has some resale value so either i sell it to buy a new board or I use it until it's fully trashed, but then i won't be buying any new board.

              If then my choice should be between a Unibrow 511 and a Hellfire 510, which board do you think works better in their bottom range (say 3 foot mush - i have a SP 504 to cover anything below that)?
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                Probably Unibrow it will probably be a better allrounder but the Hellfire is a pretty good allrounder too. If you like the way the dominator surfs I think the UB would be a continuation of that same feeling but with the ability to handle bigger and steeper waves. If you likes the Spitfire then the Hellfire is a good match depends what you are looking for, if you want a similar feel; UB, if you want something with a snappy release HF.