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Next step up from a Hellfire

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  • Next step up from a Hellfire

    Rode a 6'4 Hellfire all last year in everything 1-6ft (backs), loved it! Tweaked my knee and have been wearing a CTI brace on my front leg since last June ish. Sometimes really gets in the way, sometimes not at all. Same time started riding a 6'4 Spitfire for the day to day grovel, and feeling spoiled with the 41L of volume. Works good in overhead beach breaks to about 4.5 ft (backs) with Simon Anderson 5 fin as a quad. Haven't tried TRI, I know blasphemy... Haven't tried it in bigger.

    Slight motivational issues grabbling my 6'4 Helfire with a 4/3 wetsuit, big ol' Forrest Gump knee brace, chasing 5-6 ft peaks and 100 yard rips. Thinking about something with more, but not TOO much. Not sure if the 1L or so of the 6'4 UB would make enough difference.

    Maybe a 6'6 Unibrow? What do you guys think the NEXT step up from a 6'4 Hellfire would be, but not a 6'8-7'2 obvious REAL step up…just baby step.. 5'11 215 43yrs

    Used to always have a 6'6 step up but traditional, narrow pin- not sure how the UB tail width bites when it gets 5 foot and top to bottom, punchy 22 second juice at a walled beach break which I surf most. Still want to keep it loose and top to bottom :)