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More advice on HF needed.

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  • More advice on HF needed.

    Looking for the right size HF for 3' + point break surf. I'm 51, 210 pounds and int/advanced ability. Volume calculator says 39-43L for good surf. A 606 is 39.7L which seems like the right track but I see other posts referencing riding smaller than the calculator range to get the magic feel of the board. I want to be able to sink the tail but I want to catch waves without too much trouble. Any advice out there?

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    With the volume calculator I have found, it tends to think you are lying about your fitness level if you put in any age over 35! I'm 55 and around 90kg and I'm riding a 6'0 HF for good waves and 6'2 for weaker ones. I think you could easily go 6'4 but you should probably demo one first.

    The HF will go to 2 x OH (just) but can get a bit skippy if there is too much volume, which was the case with my 6'2, the 6'0 feels much more planted.
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      Sounds good. No trouble catching waves at that size? Not too "slow" for your age then eh?


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        Originally posted by KAMAKANI View Post
        Sounds good. No trouble catching waves at that size? Not too "slow" for your age then eh?
        Ha ha not too slow (yet) I had a swimming and then a triathlon sporting background so I've always been a pretty good paddler. I have no trouble catching waves on my 6'0 HF at 31.9L my 6'0 V4 is 31.5L and it also paddles well into waves.

        My 6'0 spitfire at 34.9L is a really good paddler but anything steep and sucky it is a hand full taking off. The extra rocker and pointier nose on the hellfire make for an easier entry. The spitfire is perfect for crowded bumpy waves on the weekends to keep the wave count up there. If it gets good I choose between the V4, HFs or HZ.


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          Perfect thanks for the good feedback.

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        I'm 54 years old and weight 182lbs. I predominately rode a 9' longboard for the past 25 years. When I decided to start shorboarding again I purchased a 7'0" Hellfire. I surf Palm Beach FL from 2' slop to head high plus glass with my Hellfire. It paddles great, catches waves easily and is very stable through the mush. Put the board on rail and it excellerates like there's no tomorrow...extremely fast. The only negative is when sitting still...the board is so floaty that it feels like a cork bobbing all over!