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  • Hellfire

    Hi all,

    I wasn't particularly looking at a HF, but the opportunity has come up to pick one up near me. It's a 608, which I think may be a little big, but they are very few and far between on the 2nd hand market. I would use this as a winter board, so a lot of paddling against rips and currents, side shore winds, beach breaks and reef breaks, waves from waist high to about 1.5x OH or so.

    I'm 603 and 102kg (225lb), reasonably fit (play football). Is this going to be a stupid move if I grab this board? Is it just going to feel like a massive chunk of foam under me? Can any bigger guys comment on this?


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    Hi Justo,
    I have a 6'8 Hellfire and am loving it surfing much the same areas and conditions as you .Surfed it in the solid swell we had over easter and more than happy with it the volume is spot on for me where I struggled with my 6'6 CC (40.9l) and 6'4 Dominator (41.5) when the conditions put a lot of paddle demand on. I am 106 kg and 54 yo with some shoulder problems and can paddle this board in any conditions for a solid session but with all that said you are a lot younger and would suggest you should be able to get away with a little less foam as in the 6'6.
    I really do lke the volume distribution of this board and its versatility