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  • 6'5 Hellrazor


    Im looking at getting a 6'5. 33.7L, which will be my first ever shortboard.

    My 6'4 HF 36L is a great board and I can catch waves pretty easy, so I reckon I could drop the 3L without too much hassle to keep the length down on my HR as I will be using it for the better days anyway. Im just under 90kg dry 6'2. The Hellfire I will keep for not so steep waves or bigger days when Im shitting myself and getting in slightly earlier is a nice thing. I have my PN for anything under chest high.

    I was considering the machados as a thruster setup for the HR as they are getting great reviews, but they look to be on the bigger side of a Medium Template. Im just abit concerned they may be a bit too small for the board and my weight as I usually stick to a large template fin.

    If anyone has any thoughts or recommendations with the fin setup or board size im considering, I would greatly appreciate any advice.


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    Jynx, I intend to use my R2s when I get the HR and I'm same weight and height as you, oh wait 15 years ago I was 6'2 now I'm 6'0! I got shortened via surgery and just the years compacting my spine.