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Hellrazor vs. Futura

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  • Hellrazor vs. Futura

    I am wondering if anyone has ridden both the Hellrazor and Futura and could share some thoughts. This is my first thread so take it easy on me. I am looking at a new high performance board after many years on a Futura and I love the look of the Hellrazor. I am thinking a 6'1" Hellrazor FST. I currently ride a 6'0" Futura in better conditions and the volumes are almost identical.

    I like the Futura because it has good speed and the thin tail makes it really responsive. I would classify myself as an intermediate to advanced front footed surfer. I normally surf beach breaks in San Luis Obispo and Southern California.

    I am looking for something that will thrive in shoulder to head and a half surf. I have been ridding a Futura (5'10" in college, and 6'0" now) in that size surf and it has worked well but I would like something with a little more rocker and higher performance. I also like the 5 fin options for bigger days when I need extra hold and drive. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    your the almost exactly the same specs as me... its actually really creepy only difference being about 5lbs, i'm 24y.o 5'11 167-171lbs, intermediate level and very front footed surfer, riding mostly beachies but the odd point break every now and then.

    hellrazor will tear it apart in shoulder high to overhead, ive ridden it as small as 2 foot waves just needs some quads in there if your going to surf it that small.

    this is my go to board for 3ft+ super light under the feet and pivots hard when paired with Futures WCT's, i love it had it in 4-5ft pumping beachie the first time i had it out and loved it minus the fact i over frothed and under waxed it, on a late drop tucked into the pocket nicely and just flew!!!

    im dying to get a set of futures strech quads in there and try it out should be nothing less then amazing


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        Thanks for the feedback Timmy and that is just what I wanted to hear! It seems like a really sick board for everyday surf and would really thrive in a solid swell.

        Can I ask what size you ride or preferred volumes given that we have almost the exact same specs. Earlier this year I was riding a 5'10 Futura (26.7 L) but I bought that when I was in college and 145 Lbs. I just switched to a 6'0" (29.4 L) and seem to have much more drive without losing performance. I also have a 5'11" Activator (32.7 L) that I bought bigger as recommend for smaller waves but I think it is too big. It is super fast but I am having a hard time snapping it around with the extra volume. I know volume depends a lot on personal preference but I am struggling to find my optimal volume after hitting the gym and putting on weight for hockey. Thanks!


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          i ride a 5'11 HZ, scored 3-6ft bells today and was amazing glassy clean and solid, this is my first FW and on the bigger more solid stuff if there is a bit of bump whether it be out going tide or wind chop the board doesnt have the ability to just punch through it, ive hit some bump before and been launched off lacks that solid PU barge like ride where you can set your rail and just bash through the chop, although i personally only ride it when its pretty clean and it loves it, got my stretch quads this arvo (didnt get to surf them) so ill post up about how they go later in the week, at the 175lbs that you are and you might get heavier as the years tick on i dont think the 6'1 would be a bad choice at 29L, might help it work in smaller 2-3ft days as well?


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            p.s if you surf points and reef from the experience ive had on the futures wct's and this board i'd go with the AM template fins, ive ridden them in FCS on other boards and love them considering swapping out the WCT for AM1's (im normally AM2 in FCS but futures have a different system for sizing fins) as i think a drivey style of fin would work well on this board, however i do like the wct's in the beachies so far but i feel like once i ride the quads the wct's will get put in the bag and forgoten in less powerful conditions this board screams for quads


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              Thanks for the feedback and recommendations on sizing. The 6'1" HZ sounds like it should be good but I am going to try to demo one to make sure. I wear a 4/3 Mutant year round at my local breaks with a hood and booties in the winter so the extra volume is probably good. Thanks for the advice on the fins. I have been using the PC K-3s lately for the extra drive but I haven't done much experimenting. I will definitely try the AM2's sometime soon. Glad to hear you scored some solid surf!


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                I got a 6'1" Hell Razor as an xmas/engagement present and am loving it. I haven't rode a high performance board in a while so it took a little getting used to but after a few waves I felt really comfortable on it. Board is so fast and responsive. I went for broke on a couple sections and nearly killed myself because I wasn't expecting the board to be as responsive and have as much drive as it did. So much fun! I rode it with k3's and in 4-6ft surf in bitter cold weather for me. (40 air/ 53 water) Super stoked on this board and I can't wait to see where it takes my surfing.


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                  yeah meek!! glad to hear! you should get engaged more often!!!


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                    Hi meek can you tell us differences against futura?Cover the same wave range and how is paddling grovelling etc...???


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                      I have only rode the Hellrazor a few times now but I will give my first impressions. Keep in mind I am no expert so feel free to chime in if anyone disagrees. The Hellrazor is narrower and has more rocker than the Futura but surprisingly still grovels well. With more volume forward and less rocker the Futura probably grovels and paddles better than the HZ but not by much. The Futura is more stable in my opinion with the HZ being more fine tuned for better waves and high performance. The tail on the Futura is incredibly thin tho so that keeps it really responsive. IMO the Futura is a potential one board quiver for 2-6ft surf...I used it everything while in college and it did really well.

                      I had the HZ in some 3-5ft hollow beach breaks over the weekend and was so glad I was on it. The additional rocker and thinner profile helped me make some late drops that would have been tough on the Futura. I am really looking forward to getting on waves with shape so I can do more turns as so far I have only been surfing beach breaks (closeout barrels).

                      Overall both are sick boards and I think it depends on your personal preferences and quiver. The Futura will always be a favorite of mine as I rode it for over 5 years but I have to say that when the waves get good I will be grabbing my HZ. Futura probably excels in 2-5ft open faced waves with the HZ in 3-6 ft steeper waves. I hope that helps Custom and thanks Chris!


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                        hey meek i think that is a stellar comparison. definitely highlights the differences well!!

                        Cheers and thanks for sharing some good insight!!


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                          besides the step tail, I think the rail thickness and overall foam distribution of the 2 boards is identical actually, just some more rocker on the HZ. IMHO the rails on the HZ are just as thick as the futura