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Hellrazor vs Lost F1

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  • Hellrazor vs Lost F1

    anybody have both boards that can compare? i have a 6'5 F1 (33.9 L) and a 6'7 HZ (36.5). I think I like the HZ better, but its definitely too big for me, feels like I'm floating on top of the water when i surf it. Hoping somebody has ridden the F1 and HZ in the same volume, and can compare/contrast them. I'm 6'5 190, my ideal volume is in the 33-35 liter range i think.

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    What are you looking to get for the 6'7"? I have had my eye on one for a bit. I'm pretty much your size, (6'5"+, ~90kg) but I surf in the PNW, so I'm always under at least 5mm of rubber. I love the feel of my 6'3" El Fuego (39.8L), but I can definitely feel it being a bit corky when things get bigger. I reckon a ~10% drop in volume is about right for me.


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      I hear you. I couldn't figure out messaging myself.


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        Chris, I know you've ridden the F1 and hellrazor. Do you think I would lose anything that the f1 offers if I rode a 6'5 hellrazor instead of the 6'5 f1? volumes are the same, the hellrazor is 1/4 wider and a square tail, vs the f1 almost has a round pin.


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          you wouldn't be losing a whole lot performance wise, but they do ride a little differently from one another. The Hellrazor is a great board. Good for good surf! But i do think you can grovel a little better on the Hellrzor than the F1.


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            razor handles steep stuff great.. made some ridiculous no back drops off a jetty that i surf that used the entire rocker rail to make.. was impressed with how it handled.. was thinking at the time i was so glad i wasn't on my dom even though it was only chest high