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Chubby Cheddar or Hellrazor

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  • Chubby Cheddar or Hellrazor

    Can't decided between a Chubby and a Hellrazor, looking for a board chest to 1-2 feet overhead, medium quality waves. For the lower end I have a Hynson twinzer 5'9 and for above I gonna get a 6'2 Flexfire round tail....Thank you for your help!

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    If you get the HZ it will cover you for chest to double overhead easily maybe 2.5x. I haven't been able to test mine in bigger than 2x since getting it but it sure feels like it would be fine. It will surf smaller than chest high too, I've taken mine out in waist high and it was OK too.


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      Thanks Slowman! Do you think, I don't need a Chubby and a Flexfire because the Hellrazor covers such a big range? A lot of people here in the forum loves the Chubby....I'm living on the canarian islands, and sometimes the waves are way bigger here than the look from the beach. I'm afraid that the CC gonna be to short/wide than...


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        Hi RockSurfer, the HZ is pretty versatile and I'd say if you had one you wouldn't need a Flexfire or MB. You could probably even do without the CC since you have a groveller but the CC might be still have a place. The HZ can go down to waist/chest high but it sounds like the CC might be more fun in that range. I have a Spitfire for that range (knee to chest high).
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      I am 170 lbs ride the the Hellrazor in most overhead waves with AI forever fins and love the board! The increased rocker makes it fit well into steep waves, the step tail feels incredible of the top, the board really stays under foot. Never rode a cc but if you are riding steep hollow waves I'd recommend the Hellrazor.


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        I am a big advocate of the CC but I would not take it out in consistent double overhead surf. The board is awesome in 4-6ft surf and can definitely work in 7ft as well, but that's not its ideal place to'll work, but the hellrazor will be better at that point. I have surfed it in overhead and slightly bigger and it feels a little squirrely. Personally, the CC is one of my favorite quiver boards.

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          Thanks Josh! My question is: should I go with only one board, the Hellrazor 5'11 or with two, the Chubby 5'9 and a Flexfire 6'2 round tail / Bourez 6'0 thin? I still have a Hynson twinzer fish 5'9, but if the Chubby works well Igonna sell it. Any suggestions?