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    Curious does anyone love their Hellrazor as much as I do? Just find it net interesting that there are not more rave reviews on this board I am 170lbs ride the 6'1 in steep waves with AI forever kinetic fins, works amazing my favorite hpsb for a long time. Very high performance able to surprise myself which is always nice

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    Mine's 6'5 and I'm 184cm and around 90kgs. Well I'm taking mine on a trip to PNG so I thought I'd better at least finally get the fins that I like in this board worked out. I think I finally have! There was a bit of swell today and I rode it this morning as a quad with R2 fronts and TC aqualine rears. It was sort of OK, wave quality not that good anyway but I finally decided to put the R2 thruster rear in and take out the quad rears. I think it is the best it has gone. I took it out at a local point break which has quite a steep take off that can suck up quickly. The main guy at this place for the last 35 years got pitched on a beauty today with a slightly late hung up take off. Anyway, today no ejects or getting hung up, good drive and good pivotal capabilities so I could get it up into the lip when the occasion presented itself.

    I hadn't surfed this board much and I've had for a while now, since end of May 2013! I tried it as a quad first with R2 quads and it was a bit stiff but it was fast and good in hollow down the line waves. So I ended up trying it as a quad with TC redline fronts and TC aqualine rears (that combo worked really well in my Jacknife and was also too stiff with R2 quads). It seemed to lack some vertical ability so I went back to a thruster set up but with an aqualine trailer. That seemed OK until one day after surfing my new V4 (which I creased) in the morning I took it out in the afternoon in some pretty solid waves. I don't know whether it was because I'd stepped off the V4 and back onto this but it seemed weird and tracky like it didn't want to turn and this was not the kind of surf I wanted to be losing my balance and falling off bottom turning but I did a couple of times. It might have been the TC redlines they can be "funny" they seem loose enough in medium waves and then seem to get stiffer in bigger surf. I kind of had that experience once before but I put it down to me having an off day. After a checkered history I kind of left it alone for a while. I tended to just use my V4 in bigger waves but it has its limits mostly due to paddle in. It gets harder to paddle into slabbing waves as the size increases but then we haven't had much size for a while that has been worth surfing either (or I have been otherwise committed). So it has been unloved for a while.

    I know it is a good board but I've just been too lazy or too unwilling to experiment with it until recently. For some waves it is the only choice and we've had a couple of solid swells recently and so I jumped back on it. Today I just thought I should really try it as a thruster again and I was half way there with the R2s in the front it was time to put the R2 trailer in. It was like the last piece of the puzzle falling into place. I still can't believe it has taken me 17 months to figure it out! This point break is a pretty demanding one too, you need solid hold out there or you'll find your board spinning out or resisting you. Today it just went where I dared it to go. Took the drops really well and turned off the bottom and up the face with a good squirt of acceleration to get you through the next bowl section. Too bad it wasn't really barreling yet but it was starting show its fangs so maybe as the tide dropped it might have.

    I think this is going to be a great board to take away for a few of the barreling reefs we'll have at our disposal. I walked back to the car with a new admiration for my HZ, and a new found desire to spend more time on it.
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      Such a great review. I also have a HR and it does not get the love it deserves. I have been so amped on the Nano and the VG that I do not surf it as much anymore. So the fin combination that really worked for you was the R2 thruster set-up? I have those fins and gotta give it a try. I try to keep this board as my step up board for when it gets big enough to need it.

      Thanks again for taking the time to post an awesome review!


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        yes R2 thruster setup

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      Took me awhile to figure out this board but was really just figuring out the right fins. Have a 5'8" Hellfire which I dearly love but bought a 5'11" Hellrazor for Bali for steeper hollower waves. Same 27.2Lt volume as Hellfire. Shop only had FCS Razor so couldn't try all my Hellfire's Futures fins out. Went OK on some Scarfini HX 2.5 mediums (AM2 lookalikes) but lacked speed and drive, too much release of the top and just didn't feel right. Got into waves easy though, paddled great. Tried as quad with AM medium trailers with a knubster, went better, more speed but still not right. Feel it needed a real drivey fin, didn't need the release as the board pivots so well with the stepped down coffin tail.

      Ended up thinking I needed the same fins as on my Hellfire, S5 stealth carbon fibre with inner foil, great speed drive so bought exact same fins in FCS so could have some kind of starting reference point to what I'd been used to. Razor went insane from the first wave onwards. Good waves 1 to 1.5 overhead, oodles of speed, so smooth and easy to surf, good on the drop, did everything I wanted it to. My new favourite board. Now use Hellfire for waist to overhead+ and Razor for head high to double. Razor can grovel too though apparently, must try it in smaller waves, just love the HF for that. Great 2 board quiver and easy transition between the two.

      If you have a Hellfire use the same fins that have been working for you in that for the Razor. If not go for a larger drivey fin in your weight range. The Hellfire needs a bit of fin and I think the Razor does too as its essentially a more refined hellfire.

      Highly under rated board with all the new fanged shapes. This is a great HP board.


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        Originally posted by Mcruz View Post
        Curious does anyone love their Hellrazor as much as I do? Just find it net interesting that there are not more rave reviews on this board I am 170lbs ride the 6'1 in steep waves with AI forever kinetic fins, works amazing my favorite hpsb for a long time. Very high performance able to surprise myself which is always nice

        I rode the HR for a year or so- mostly in quad set-up with smaller fins. Just something fun and lively about it. The board is such a great paddler and the coffin tail let's you do some crazy snaps. Have bounced around on a few other boards since then and find myself wanting to dust off the HR. The original is hard to find I never see them in shops or online. I'd like to buy one in a slightly smaller size. I had always hoped to see someone ride a HR in a comp, someone like Taj, Toledo, or Bourez... won't happen. Too bad. it would be interesting to see what a world class surfer could do with it.


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          Mine was great in PNG. We had 3 days in the 4-6' range at this reef/point Nusa Left and the hellfire was getting skittish so the HZ was deployed! It just went great; paddled in so nicely and made the takeoffs pretty cruisy actually. It handled the juice of these waves well, still loose but plenty of hold and drive.


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            wish I'd taken the HZ with me today - clean double overhead + on the sets, the V4 was good but just getting in late. I needed the extra paddle of the HZ which definitely helps in crowded conditions. Just wasn't expecting the swell to hold, such is life.