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6'1" or 6'3" dilema

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  • 6'1" or 6'3" dilema

    So I was pretty set on a 602 Alt (31.3L) for a hpsb, but they are only available on 12 week special order and I don't want to wait...

    After reading glowing reviews of th HZ I am considering one of those.

    My main issue is that I don't really want to go over 602 in length, but the 601 HZ (29.1L) is getting low on volume for what I think will work for me on all but the better/best days in socal...

    I have heard the Alt is better maybe for all around conditions, whereas HZ favors better waves. This would probably be more true with the 601 HZ. The 603 comes in at 30.9L.

    For reference I am 6'1" (182cm) and about 182 lb (83kg) and specify intermediate or intermediate/advanced on the volume calculator.
    510 Dom - 33.5L
    602 HF - 33.7L

    Ready to move down a bit in volume for a long term hpsb. If people are having a good time on the 601 HZ I would be willing to go for it...

    Thanks all!
    Patrick O.

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    hi patrick, I have both the 6'1" and 6'3" hz. The 6'1" I use as an everyday board and 6'3" when there's a bit of size and power in the waves. Just a bit easier to paddle and a bit more stability but definitely is not too floaty. Also have a 5'8" spitfire at 31litres as a fun board for the smaller days. I weigh 80kg and only 5'7" tall. Both hz boards are very fast and perfect for the intended waves I use them in. I use the am2 side fins and an am1 or m3 back fin on both and find that gives me the best balance of drive and hold but still allows for quick turns and release in the tail. With your height, I think the 6'3" won't feel too big or be too buoyant if you're surfing anything bar slop. I think coming down from what you're currently riding, it wouldn't be too much of an adjustment. I had a 6'2" alternator but didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much as the spitfire or hell razors. I also prefer the feel of the boards in the rapidfire technology. Go the 6'1 if the majority of the waves you surf don't require you to do a heap of paddling or there's generally not a lot of strong sweeps and currents. My 6'1" feels a tad smaller overall than my 5'8" spitfire due to it having a much narrower nose and tail, so you shouldn't think the 6'3" is going to feel bigger than your 6'2" hellfire as I think it'll be the opposite. The hell razor is an amazing board. Good luck on your choice.


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      Thanks Tezza- sounds like good advice. Definitely going to check out that fin set up you mentioned (adjusted for large fins in FCS), as my main concern with extra length is turning. Hopefully the right fins on a 6'3" would keep things snappy. Thanks again!
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        no worries patrick. Shapers fins do the am2 and am1 exact equivalent in fcs. I have the spectrum series. My 6'1" is fcs as I found the board was so much lighter than the futures version when comparing them in the shop. My 6'3" is futures. Cheers.


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          I went a little bigger on my Hellrazor and have no problems. The board rocks... if there is any push at all it's my board of choice. In fact, if you think about it you'll be using it in bigger waves anyway so why not add a little volume for paddle speed.


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            Like Lizardman is saying, a little extra length on the HZ will not hurt. The board is still wicked fast and will be great in the bigger stuff. - Firewire Intern Josh