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  • Hellrazor II - Semi Step Up

    Hello everyone.

    Hoping to get some of your expert advice picking a good/big wave board, i guess youd call it a semi step up.

    Im 5'7 and about 68kg.

    Currently my only board is 509 CC 27.5L. Good in smaller surf but not a mega grovellor. I still go out on it as long as i can paddle out but theres been some big swells hitting SE QLD recently. Its pretty good up to about head high but beyond that its pretty hit and miss.

    I mostly surf sand bottom points and beachies of the gold coast and northern NSW.

    Im looking for something thats gonna paddle well in soupy rippy beachies and sweepy long points, duckdive well, get into big waves and hollow waves early, take late drops when it doesnt get in early.

    This will be my board for when its overhead to whatever i may end up going out in but i guess id also like to get use out of it when its a bit smaller but the waves are very good and barrelling (ie smaller days at south straddie and dbah which even with a pretty insignificant swell can be very heavy, fast, hollow, sand dredging bazzas...

    So i was thinking Hellrazor II i suppose my main question is what size?! Do i go with a standard kinda performance range or a bit more volume for use in this kind of surf?

    Thanks in advance for all of your invaluable help!!!

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    Usually for what type of surf you are describing i think you error on the side of having slightly more volume than you would normally ride. I was thinking of getting a 6'0 HZ2 but decided on the 6'1 for that little bit of extra paddle power for when you want to get in early.....hard finding the balance between all the variables :)

    Also found this on one of the websites somewhere about the HZ2
    "The Original Hellrazor was a slightly wider and shorter version of your average performance shortboard. Following feedback from the Firewire pro team, a little more volume has been added underfoot, the hips have been pulled in and the length has been stretchd to offer you an even closer representation of your typical high-performance machine...namely the Hellrazor II.
    The Hellrazor 2 a team rider favourite, well suited to competent to elite surfers. It carries the progressive nose and tail rocker that you'd expect from a perfromance shortboard, but what sets this board apart form the rest is the increased volume through the middle of the board. Combine this with the slightly domed deck and refined rails and you have a board that paddles well whilst still maintaining response and edge control in steep, punchy, hollow surf.
    Ride this board the same volume as your performance board, and take it out in anything from chest to double overhead+"


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      That sounds pretty perferct my only concern is is it gonna be something geared to an uber pro that wont be forgiving enough for me? i guess with increased volume and length itl be more stable etc though?

      What do you weigh fazza?


      • Phill
        Phill commented
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        It'll be less stable than the original. Domed deck with thin rails makes for a more sensitive ride. It sounds like a good board to me.

      • Fazza
        Fazza commented
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        68kgs and turning 49 this year.

        I think the HZ2 will be a pretty good all round short board for anyone.

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      You think maybe a 6.0 would be a good size for me to try in some beastier surf then fazza? I think i might even be more like 67kg now i was 66.6kg after bjj ttraining the other night but prob quite dehydrated... What are your other board models/lengths/volumes.

      I like the quad option if its gonna be a step up/barrel board.

      Working towards a 3 board quiver along the lines of 501 BP, CC, HZII... Also still super keen to demo a VG maybe thatl replace my trusty chubby if i like it and it fits well as a daily driver...

      Phill do you think id be ding myself a disservice hopping straight onto such a refined HP board? I can tell your getting excited already at thinner rails haha.


      • Nelson GoldCoast
        Nelson GoldCoast commented
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        So youre not all aboard the VG frothwagon then?! This really highlights the need to demo if you can! I have such a range of sizes for the VG in my mind now... Gotta try before i buy!

        Same with the HZII its kinda hard to demo a step up cos theyre mostly just dusted off a few times a year i guess...

      • Fazza
        Fazza commented
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        Don't get me wrong I really like the VG just struggle paddling it into waves on certain conditions.

        I think the HZ2 will be a good all-round shortboard not just a step up.....HZ2 is not really a step up style board compared to say the Artillery or the Flexfire. I do have a 6'4 Flexfire that is going to be used on a boat trip to Mentawi's in September as well as a HZ2 and may be a Nano.

      • Nelson GoldCoast
        Nelson GoldCoast commented
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        Hmmm I guess that's kinda what I'm looking for really.

        My CC is just a bit chubby for well overhead... But sounds like the HZII would be a good board for te too end of a 3 board quiver for east coast oz surf...

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      Does anyone know if the Hellrazor 2 will still take 12 weeks or so like the other special order boards? Or is it only special order because its a new model?
      Has anybody seen one in the flesh yet?