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Jacknife for bigger guy/waves

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  • Jacknife for bigger guy/waves

    I still have a 6'6 Spitfire purchased back in March that has been put through the paces at a few North Shore and Town spots. It works best in the shoulder-high to 2' overhead range, but really hates late drops and windy conditions. Probably should have gone with the 6'8 since on the smaller waves it kind of putters along and would be better with more volume to get it going. Using bigger fins I can use the drive to get down the line on small stuff but then it's too stiff to turn and smaller fins I fall behind. Head high to 1' overhead the board comes alive as long as I don't bury the nose on takeoff, but looking for something more for winter.

    Jacknife looks more like my style. Not a huge fan of the standard shorboard, and prefer something that does a lot of the work for me getting around the sections but I can still turn tight in critical sections and have enough rocker to not have to think about re-entry so much. Looking for something that works from head high into the double overhead+ range (4-8' Hawaiian) since I don't bother driving to the North Shore if it's smaller than that. The 7'0 Jacknife seems to be what the board formula calcluator is pointing me towards, or the 7'1 Hellrazor.

    Wondering if the 7'2 Jacknife might be better for battling the current at Jocko's and Laniakea and may help getting in a little earlier. Pushing all that foam through a duckdive is probably a chore, but right now I'm waiting on the shoulder for the small/medium ones and getting caught by the sets since I don't trust the Spit on more than head and a half. Any thoughts?

    thanks in advance!
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    The Jacknife will handle steeper take-offs easily compared to the spitfire...I think you could go a 6'10 it's almost the same volume as a 6'6 spitfire and they paddle into waves pretty easy.


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      The 6'6 Spit doesn't have enough volume for it's intended purpose as a groveller, and after a few less than satisfactory board choices I'm kind of wary of skinny guys telling me to go smaller. It sounds great in theory until they leave me way behind on the paddle-out.


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        Ha ha I'm skinny! I guess it's all relative...I used to be about 10kg lighter when I was an "athlete" so I tell myself I'm a fat bastard at 90kg.

        But I hear you, I tried the volume calculator using 110kg, 35yrs, avg fitness and int/advanced and it recommended 43-48L volumes and then throws up a 6'10 and a 7'0 Jacknife. It also threw up the 6'6 spitfire too, so from that it didn't seem too far off the volume you are currently riding. The volume calculator can be reached from the home page but this is a direct link have a play and plug values you think appropriate.


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          appreciate the input, slim. i'm thinking of splitting the difference between intermediate and inter/adv since there's no checkbox for "kinda lazy" or "slightly retarded"


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            changed the shape to 'poor' and the numbers seem to make more sense. 48-52


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              Thanks Slowman!!

              Yeah the volume calculator is definitely meant to be a guide, but I still think its really important to take into consideration what you have ridden in the past. Everyone's case is so different and unique so obviously there are going to be variations as to whether the VC jives with what ideas you might have had in your head.