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6'2" MB thin and 5'10" HF as 2 board quiver

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  • 6'2" MB thin and 5'10" HF as 2 board quiver

    Hey Guys

    I need a bit of help deciding on a 2 board quiver for overseas trips.

    I started my Firewire collection a few years ago with a 6’0” Alt and 6’3” FF vent models and really liked these 2 boards but after a knee injury putting me out of the water for 6 months I lost some condition and struggled a bit on them when I returned to the water. Plus the wave quality at Port Stephens is fairly average most of the year. So enter the 5’10” hellfire and some little mates.

    The 5’6” Potatonator gets a fair bit of water time sub 3ft and the Hellfire has now become my got to board for 3ft plus waves locally and on a recent Maldives trip. The Alt travelled over but we never got any quality waves to give her a run.

    The Hellfire is great most of the time and is good for getting into waves etc but sometimes it feels like it’s a bit something, maybe too wide in better waves. It’s just not as twitchy as the Alt.

    Maybe I’m spending to much time on hybrids and need to get the Alt back in the water OR

    Morph the FF and Alt into 1 board.

    I looked at getting the 6’2” Alt but it appears to have too much volume. Have thought about tweaking the 6’2” Alt with the CBD or getting the 6’2” MB thin.

    What do you guys think would complement a 5’10” hellfire for the bigger waves on trips?

    I have also toyed with the idea of the 6’0” MB thick and 6’2” thin for a 2 board travel quiver.

    Thanks for your help
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    hmmm...yes, probably spending too much time on the hf..(if thats possible...!!!...i never want to get off it..!!) your weight you have the right boards with the hf and flexy for perfect stuff...Nev rides the 510 hf at 70kg and a 6'2 flexy (but now has new models to play with)..with a smidge more volume than yours..(i ride this combo too)..if you are finding the 510 hf not twitchy and "small" enough at times then you dont want to step up onto something that needs more muscle/weight to go full tilt...i ride the 510 hf and at my weight its just right in regards to twitch and feeling comfortable in better stuff..i've ridden it in serious slabs...i ride the thin 6'2 MB and need to stomp it hard to get the best out of it...i dont think you could if the HF feels as it does for you...the flexy likes a lighter touch....just my thoughts....


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      BTW i'm usually surfing just south of newie most can demo mine if your ever down....


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        Hey Core, thanks for the offer and info.

        The hellfire isn't that much of a deal but maybe now with the knee better and fitness back I should get on the Alt and Flexy a bit more. I don't necessarily think the volume is the problem with the HF but more the width in the hollower stuff. I could be wrong.

        Thanks for bringing to my attention the newer 6'2" flexy volume. Maybe that or the 6’3" x 18 3/4" x 2 3/8" 28.2cc might be the answer with a bit more volume then my old FF.

        Same with Alt. might just get the newer version of what I have with future slots and without the air vent.

        This was what I was thinking before the Maldives trip, just couldn't source them in time.

        Decisions Decisions