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Looking for step up to my 60 stealth

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  • Looking for step up to my 60 stealth

    Aloha Chris and everyone on this forum, , I've got 2 stealths one's a 5'10 and the other a 6'0
    I love my stealth, best board I ever had I'm 170 pounds 43 years old kinda fit surf 4 or 5 days a week, on bigger days my 6'0 charges 5 to 8 foot surf and paddles like a dream my question, is what's a good step up board for me, I like the way I can get into waves fast like my stealth and I don't have to ride a big ass board , been looking at the hell razor , Michael Boulez or taj , I just don't know ???i live in Hawaii and i travel in summer, any thoughts ???
    Would be greatly appreciated. I want something I can ride on those 10 to 12 ft days