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  • michel bourez 5/8 thin

    Hey im looking at getting a michel bourez 5'8 thin im 5/7 tall and bout 62 kg and surf pritty will. Just worried it might be to big and bolky for me. Iv also been lookn at the hellrazor 5'7 181/2 21/16 but then might be to thin in the rails and not floaty enough what do you guys think? I ride the 5'4 spit and 4'10 potato.

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    Compared to the Spit and the Potato, both of those boards will be quite different from what you are used to. The MB and HR are high performance shortboards whereas the Spit and Potato are variations of hybrids. Yes, they will be thinner and require more paddling power, but they will also be much more responsive to your movements and go exactly where you want on the wave.
    You want to choose your board primarily on your volume rather than your height. Use this link to figure out your volume and then base your choices off that:

    - Firewire Intern Josh


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      I have a high performance board not firewire tho its a magic board but they fall apart really quick i snaped my last one after the 3rd surf. Thats why i want to try a high performance firewire. love the little wave boards and they are lasting really well. The HP board im riding at the moment is 5'6 18'1/8 2'5/16


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        That's crazy after only the 3rd surf! If the 506 you're riding right now is your magic board, then yes, the MB and HR will feel different because of the length. You definitely would be able to ride them in the dimensions you listed above, but because you know how you surf better than I do, it's hard for me to give you a definite answer to what size you should/ could ride. Durability wise you should have no problem. These boards are built very well and I have found that they dent much less than PU boards.