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    I am looking for a short board for 1.5 to 2.5x overhead hollow surf, something along the lines of Rusty's Slayer and Slaters Deep Six. I really hate surfing guns & mini-guns in barrelling surf.

    Would the Mini Driver handle bigger hollow waves? Looking to use it at some heavier reefs around here, at J-Bay and Indo next year.

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    If you're happy to paddle a small board into 2.5x overhead surf and have the right fins in it I reckon the Mini Driver would hold. I surfed mine between 1.5 - 2x overhead Killer Point in Morocco and it held well. Really fast and gripped the face on high line speed runs as a quad. Personally I was finding it hard to match the speed of the wave and get into them easily at that size on a little 5'10. I was much happier on my 6'4 rounded pin Flexfire.


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      Sounds good Phill. I am riding the 5'10" flexfire at the moment with a 5'6" Chubby Chedda arriving in the next month or so. I was thinking of the 5'10" or 5'8" Mini Driver as both have significantly more volume to help with paddling. I plan on using it in waves where you literally drop straight into the barrel, so looking for something that picks up paddling speed quickly and can pull up under the lip.


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        I wouldn't go too big with it. They carry a fair bit of volume through the front half and you might find all that extra volume more of a hinderance than a help. I'd ride mine the same size as I'd ride a CC. I wouldn't go any bigger than the 5'8 unless you're 160lbs+

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      I surfed my 6.2 Mini Driver in some good 2x overhead waves in the Mentawais this year. I loved it!!! My new fav board. I may not ride my HF again :) I especially liked it when I switched it over to a quad.
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        So Jase you would recommend a mini over a hellfire for barreling waves?


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        good stuff everyone. i too would add that there is a lot of documented hollow surf success on the MD. Very versatile. As Prj said, its totally going to be a function of your comfort level in those conditions. Timmy Reyes loves his Unibrow in solid, hollow surf and the MD carries with it an even more refined foil.



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          Thanks everyone! I'll have a look at one when I collect the Chubby. Sounds ideal.

          Trying to build a firewire quiver. Chubby for junk, Flexfire for good surf and the MD as a step-up.