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Mini Driver Sizing based on Dominator, Stealth and Flexfire

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  • Mini Driver Sizing based on Dominator, Stealth and Flexfire

    I was looking at a Mini Driver the other day and was very impressed with the shape. Beautiful board. Anyway, I'm pretty sure 6'0" is the size for me... but I'd like to confirm. No need to go into my weight and ability, What's the correct Mini Driver size for someone that rides these (in order words, how much longer than a Dom and shorter than a Felxfire?):

    Dominator 5'8"
    Spitfire 5'8"
    Stealth 6'0"
    Flexfire 6'2" (the thicker version)

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    I ride the same size Dom/Spit/Stealth as you. Bought a 6'0 MD and didn't like it because it was way too big. Sold it. I'd still like to try the 5'10.


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      I ride similar boards and the 510 was perfect size. I always found my 5'8 Spitfire a bit chunky though.


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        Hmmm. Interesting. I tend to like more foam than most people. I'm 170lbs and 5'10", been surfing for many years. I find the 5'8" Dom/Spitfire to be perfect. I haven't surfed the 5'6" Dom but I'm 100% sure I'll find it to be too small.

        At one point I had a 6'0" Stealth, but before that I tried a 5'10" Stealth and didn't like it. Thought it was too small.

        I'm not sure the 6'0" Mini Driver would be too big, but it might be on the floaty-side of good. But I'm afraid that the 5'10" at 27.8 litres would be too small. I just looked and 27.8L is the exact same volume of the 5'10" I found to be too small.

        Unless I'm simply not choosing the right board altogether. Isn't the Mini-Driver a bit like the Unibrow? As in, more performance than a Dominator and a bit more performance than the Stealth? I'd be using the Mini Driver when it's chest-high to a foot or two overhead - In typical gutless SoCal surf though. I've never found super high-performance boards to be very useful for me here. (things like a Whiplash for example) I always find thew waves lack the punch for them.


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          If there was a 511 md you would be laughing. I ride the 510 and it's a little over volumed but not so much as to hamper performance. I like the extra float to get into bigger heavier waves that hit quicker. I know I would find the 508 too small. A 509 would be great it's a shame all the Fw boards don't come in one inch increments.


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            Hit the nail in the head there.

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          yeah that model is a little in between sizes for me as well. to be honest i could ride the 600 as a groveller and the 510 in good surf, but i love my unibrow so i just take the 510 out on better days...


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            I guess you're right Chris, the Unibrow is more tightly spaced in the sizing per model. Sounds like a 5'10" or 5'11" Unibrow might be a better option for me than a Mini Driver as a step up to my coming Spitfire 5'8". It would be floatier than the 5'10" Mini Driver, but not as much as the 6'0" Mini Driver.