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Help with Mini Driver sizing

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  • Help with Mini Driver sizing

    I know this has been discussed by many, but hoping I can get some advice for myself. Because I may have to order one from another state without ever seeing it first. I live in Santa Barbara and have been surfing a 5'6 Channel Islands Dumpster Diver that is perfect for SB. I also picked up a 5'10 Firewire Stealth that is my new favorite board. It's getting worn out, so I'm tempted to buy another, but I keep reading about the Mini Driver. I'm about 5'9 and weigh 158 lbs, and I surf pretty well IMO. All the reviews say to go smaller for the MD, so I'm really not sure if I should go 5'6 like my Dumpster Diver, or 5'8 which is a bit smaller than my 5'10 Stealth. Any advice?

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    It's a bit hard to say without knowing your weight, but I would ride the Stealth and MD at the same size / volume. I have a 6'0" MD, but was going to buy the 6'0" Stealth - and would have but someone bought it between the Thursday i saw it and the Saturday when I went back. Then the MD came out and it has made me very happy. (Of course that isn't entirely true- happiness comes from within : ) Which is why we can sell perfectly good boards for a newer model.)


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      yep, i'd reckon either the same, or slightly less volume than your stealth... Being a more performance board, slightly less volume would be better... they also carry a lot of volume under the chest, where as the stealth is a lot under your core.. I'm very keen on a Mini Driver, but need to get my V2 rocket 1st...


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        You're right between the 5'8" and 510" IMO


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          Your dd is 26.2 ltrs according to ci,s website. If you find that a good board go a 508 md as its one litre less and just shorter than your height. You might find the 506 a bit small as it also gets narrower than the 508. There is a fair jump in vol on the 510 too. I have both and love the 508. But I am a bit lighter at 150 lbs and 5ft 7.