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  • Minnie Driver - Mighty Impressed

    Board preference is such a personal thing, at 90 kgs, intermediate level, 46 years old and average fitness, I've bounced around the range a lot looking for my daily driver. Not being the best paddler, I found the 6'4 hellfire a little hard work, although nice on the wave. The 6'6 felt too chunky. If this was on CBD I'd probably get it working. 6'7" Hellrazor, really nice, especially in power tropical reef waves (I may keep it for this) but doesn't pack a lot of volume into the stock lengths, so you end up with a long board if you want a bit of volume. 6'6" Jacknife...quite liked it, especially in smaller forehand waves, but didn't love it when it got a little bigger, mostly because I think I'm quite front footed so maybe a big wide tail just doesn't work for me so well...found I had 'off waves' especially on my backhand. Alternator '6'8, awesome in good surf (although found tail a little wide in big surf - personal thing), but not quite doing it in more average conditions...and again quite long to get into my volume range. I haven't had a chance to try the uni and by all accounts that's a great board.
    Then I bought the 6'4" Minni Driver. Packs a lot of volume into it's length (37.6 - just enough for me) and for everyday waves it just seems like such a good all-round board - and I think it's smooth predicable ride really suits an intermediate surfer...yet we've all seem what the pros can do on it. Felt awesome, smooth and predictable in solid grunty five foot, and felt pretty good in mellow two foot (decent wave, not mush)...and let's face it, you often get this in the same session (inside versus outside, tide changes etc). Paddles pretty well thanks to the wide point forward. A fast and free ride with futures EA thruster fins. What more could you ask for in you daily (minnie) driver??
    Well, a Lost Rock-up for 6 foot in FST for those big days :) - looks like the perfect step up to this user friendly style of board.

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    Lost Rock-up for 6 foot in FST for those big days... Really agree!


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      Yep the mini is one great board. I have 5'10 and two 5'8 s . I first bought the 510 but found it a touch over vol for me in the mid size surf it went great caught waves easily just felt big. I dropped to a 508 and the thing rips. Like you said it's a daily driver for good surf. I kept my 510 as a further step up for the double over days in winter where a heavy suit and boots gloves hood and freezing cold water can tire you quickly. The Md and sub are my fave quiver so far.


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        Glad you're stoked on the Mini!

        - Firewire Intern Josh