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  • MD size for beginner.


    Another 'size help' thread.

    I'm currently riding a 6'6 ADD and a 6'4 DOM. I will keep the ADD but want to replace the DOM for the cleaner/bigger/steeper days and considering the MD 6'2.

    I'm 80kg and 6'1 tall. Would be riding the MD in 3-6ft and mainly beach breaks.

    I'm at a beginner level surfing (Only surfed about 2 years) so I need stability of a bigger board but at the same time I have no trouble whatsoever paddling the DOM (actually wish I had gotten it 6'0 or 6'2) , I also want something I can learn to duck dive when the surf picks up a bit.

    I surfed on a Sub Scorcher 5'10 in FST last week (28.7 liters compared to the 42 liters in the DOM and 48 in ADD ) and I could still paddle and take off and get up.. but stability was a big problem. Board was way to small for my skill level.

    Will the 6'2 MD be a good board for me or should I look at the 6'4 ?

    Also considering the V2 and would def go to 6'0 or 6'2 then for comparable volume but worried it will have less rocker for those nicer clean days.

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    snowcrash - as a beginner a MD will take some getting used to, but I think you'd be ok with a 600 or a 602. I think the 604 will be over foamed and too hard for you to duck dive. Also, the excess foam would make it more of a small wave board rather than a medium - larger size wave board like it's intended. If you like the dominator, you should seriously consider the UNIbrow. It is a derivative of the DM and will hold it's own in better surf.

    A V2 rocket will be quite similar to your dominator. It will have less of a back footed feel, and more nose and tail rocker, but also more volume for it's length. With your current quiver you don't need a V2.


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      Small update from my side. Been swapping and trying different boards lately :)

      First a small rant about volume from a beginners perspective. 95% of forum posts tell you to go big as a beginner. I have followed that approach to some degree starting on a 6'10 ADD, 6'6 ADD, 6'4 DOM. However having the possibility to compare the boards next to each other in the same conditions I have come to the conclusion that volume can be just as harmful as useful for a beginner. Ability is everything and I'm sure a good surfer can paddle out on a big day with a big board and still take those steep take offs. For me it just led to frustration. A 55l board did not give me any paddling advantage but quite the opposite. Needed more strokes to get going leading to poor last second take offs. Also getting hung up on the lip with all that volume proved problematic. Another reasons could be that I was surfing with cheap and smallish fins.

      Finally I think i found my sweet spot between volume and stability. 6'2 Spitfire with techflex AM2 fins. I'm simply in love.

      Now looking to expand the quiver to the following:

      6'2 MD for indo trips and those cleaner 4ft+ days (33l)
      6'2 SF daily board for 1-4ft range. (38l)
      6'2 PN for 0-1ft mush ? (44l) .. not sure about this last one as the SF already paddles into anything including 0.5ft ripples. Maybe a baked potato instead?

      3 x 6'2 boards but all different volume as the waves get bigger. Does that look like a reasonable quiver for someone wanting to progress ?
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        What I wanted to add is why the calculator tool does not consider wave size as input? Do most guys really ride the same volume in different waves just with different shaped boards ? Or does the approach of going down in volume a lot for bigger waves make sense ? It's not like you really need to paddle that 6ft drop anyway..


        • Phill
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          Editing a comment
          the high and low range the volume calculator gives is usually a good range for low volume good waves boards and higher volume grovellers.
          I'd usually ride around 27-28l in anything stomach high up to 1.5x overhead. Bigger than that I'd ride a step up around 29l and smaller than that I'd ride a 30+l groveller.

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        Snowcrash. You have a reasonable quiver there, but your volumes are too far apart. You should go 2L up or down on your ideal hybrid volume. So in your case a 602 SF. Get a 600 PN and a MD of less volume or similar to the SF.


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          Thanks for the feedback guys. Came across a used 5'7 Baked Potato in TimberTek today and got it for a bargain. Looking forward to try it out. Only MD missing now :)


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            Hey Snowcrash,
            how are you going on your choices? have you settled on anything yet?
            I'm heading down to Manly this weekend if your keen to have a go on the MD - let me know.