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We need an FST rock up

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  • We need an FST rock up

    Just got my pu lost rock up today here are some picks beside the 508 mini. I tried to show the tail and nose rocker difference. It's got bags of vol through the front end but a very narrow tail and quite foiled out. The rails are mor boxy than I expected but at 2 1/4 tick not too much so. She is 510 x 2 1/4 x 19. This bad boy in FST I recon would be an amazing board.

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      did you surf thurso yesterday paul? i heard it was pumping!!


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        Well that's a wee bit of a sore subject as the Uk pro tour never asked the locals or ssf permission to hold the comp. we had planed to have a mass paddle out but managed a deal where as soon as the comp was finished no pros would paddle out. I worked for an hour or so which was prity cool. It was pumping double over + on the sets big west swell standup barrels.


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          Ah didn't realise a comp was on. That's a piss take on probably the day of the year!
          At least you got a few, I didn't find much except small and crowded or huge and blown to pieces here.

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        Rock-up looks nice, might have to go back to a PU (rock-up/slayer etc) if Firewire continue to ignore the need for this type of board...sad state of affairs :(


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          Hi Magnet I had it out yesterday it was howling offshore double overhead on the sets. The rock up caught the waves with ease. It like when you get picked up by the wave and have that backwards feeling as it jacks up but with the rock up one extra paddle and boom your in. I carries a lot of foam in the centre and nose but the tail is super refined. It's like a minidriver front with a simi gun tail. Not fully sussed out the sweet spot and feel the rails are a wee birth full but we will see.


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            As of now there are no plans for an FST rock up, but hopefully one of the other models will suit you.

            - Firewire Intern Josh