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  • Nano or vanguard???

    Help!!! can somebody tell me Whitch board is better, easier is in hh/ oh beachbrake waves . a Nano 5.9 or a 5.8 vanguard I;m 40 yrs and 80 kg. int. surfer

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    There's no better board. It depends on the person, wave type, surf style...etc. Since you are asking which one is easier for beach break waves the 5'9 nano should be your best option since it's categorized as a hybrid board compared to the high performance vanguard.


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      Sorry you're right. Lets say i'm not good in late take offs. And i don't like wide tails.So the board must be easy to peddle for an early take off and don't slide away wen it get's bigger.
      For surf in beachbrake when it get big but no tubes.


      • OceanMindedBoy
        OceanMindedBoy commented
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        If you want an all purpose board go with the nano. They are both all around good boards, they both excel in head high waves but the nano wins in smaller waves, I'm not talking about mushy waves (unless you go oversized with the nano which is not ideal). Again, remember the nano is categorized as a hybrid performance board and the vanguard as a high performance board.

      • cuttlefish
        cuttlefish commented
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        If you want to catch waves you have to peddle hard no matter what board you're surfing.
        Maybe you're having trouble with late takeoffs because you're backpeddling.
        If you backpeddle you'll have other surfers getting annoyed at you.
        If you surf beachbrakes then definitely peddle hard because you'll have the brakes on.
        But remember no backpeddling on the beachbrakes.
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      • roodjr
        roodjr commented
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        I'm not a backpeddler and my padle power is oke , but with thin pointy nose boards it takes to long to feel comfertable on late takes of .
        the pop up timing is oke . on you're feets and stand up tall takes too long .. when there is more nose area like my hypto 5.8 i don't mind. and get everything.

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      Vanguard all the way. Don't even think about any other board for your first Tomo. The VG will have you hooked on his shapes faster than crack.
      Don't be put off by wide tails, because everything you thought you knew about surfboards is out the window with any Tomo. You'll think, "well there's no way this can work as good as it is made out to be", but then you'll ride it and never want to ride anything else. True story.