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  • 5'5" Nano Review

    Hi all,

    Yesterday I was able to take my 5'5" Nano out in some 4ft south groundswell in a secret spot in Sydney, with only two mates who were riding fire wires of their own firewires, @goanna (MiniDriver) & our other mate on his hellfire.

    It was high tide in the morning dropping through to a mid day low tide. I had both my 5'4" VG & my 5'5" Nano but decided on the Nano due to the morning fullness.

    I was right on with my weapon of choice, the nano's extra volume got me onto the waves with no problem & the board had the speed & the flow to glide along the faces with ease & with minimum effort.

    The boys noted how fast the board went despite how small it looked on the 4ft wave faces.

    There was one particular wave where I went super far out onto the shoulder & did a high line cut back. As I was approaching the manoeuvre i actually thought i was too far out on the shoulder but I was extremely surprised at how the rail just grabbed & sliced the board back round in one movement into the crumbling lip behind me.

    I spent a good 2.5hrs out in the line up & as the tide dropped out I decided to change over to the 5'4" VG (I'll give that review in the Vanguard section of the forum).

    All in all, the nano feels like a great all rounder board, high performance with a slightly "Hybrid-ish" feel. It performed well in slightly fuller waves & have no doubt it will hold its own in waves with steeper more vertical faces.

    I used the FCSII Performer thruster fins for that session.

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    5'5 nano felt bigger than a 5'4 vanguard then? Nice first impressions megsy


    • megsy
      megsy commented
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      Hey @Phill, I don't know if "bigger" is the right word but certainly "floatier". The Vanguard felt faster than the Nano but one of the boys noticed that when a bit of wind blew up the face of the wave, the VG seemed to get held up a bit in the top of the wave.
      When you put the nano on rail, it bit into the wave nice & smoothly not too aggressively which gave the board a feeling of flow in the rail to rail transitions.

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    Nice review. Pretty sure I'm going to go the 5'6 in a few months but what is your height, weight and level. Wish I could get one earlier. Heard great things.


    • megsy
      megsy commented
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      Hi @Pete.T, I'm 72-73kgs & stand at 5'8" (174cm) & I'd say my level is intermediate.

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    Yeah I know what you mean about the vanguard in the wind. Those nose channels funnel the air under and it's like an air break. Can be useful for stalling off the take off into the tube though haha. Can't wait to try a nano.


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      Pretty much the same as me. Hmmmm. I want to use it as a travel board and a In between board. I've got a bp and cc. Thinking the 5'6 would be better overall and the 5'5 better for performance waves. I've got the cc for that. Gets me thinking though.


      • Phill
        Phill commented
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        Nano would cover above the CC in my mind Pete. Though it'd prob cover the same lower range too.
        I'd put the CC as a mid range step up from a groveller personally but I guess it depends on your local conditions a lot too.

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      I'd say Megsy is 74kgs....he's put on some weight since he got married :)
      Last edited by Goanna; 05-26-2014, 05:29 AM.


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        You think there would be a substantial drawback of a 5'6 as opposed to the 5'5? I'm about 70odd. Hard to comprehend it handling above 5ft with such a short board. Looks like a lot of fun. I find the cc great though want a little more speed in average waves. In great waves it's awesome.


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          yeah Pete the 505 incorporates a tweaked and slightly thicker design so it has been brought down an inch in length. I think its good to consider your height and whether you have a wide stance but if you aren't super tall or wide footed, you could ride either. Also they both handle great decent surf.


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            Id never really thought about how wide my stance Was and how important it was until recently. I'm finding I need a wider than normal stance to surf my cc well. I could have gone the 5'9 or the 5'10. I decided on the 5'10 due to being scared of too little volume, though in doing so I think I need to be a little wider in stance. Not a bad thing I guess. I tried to measure my stance the other day and came up with around 82-85cm. This was half way exactly of 5'6. My height is around 176cm or 5'9. Thinking the 5'6 is the safe bet for most conditions though the 5'5 may be better for when the waves are good. As I'm using it as a travel board for most conditions and to mix it up, I'm thinking the 5'6.