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    G'day Oneal, there is a fair bit of cross over between the Nano and MD. At almost the same volume the Nano catches waves easier and has that instant speed everyone talks about so I'm catching a lot more waves. Would I sell the MD? No, not at this stage because I have had so many good surfs on it but if someone made me choose between the two - I'd have to say the Nano
    I'm pretty happy with the quiver now - 5'5" Baked Potato, 5'9" Nano and 6'2" MD
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      Goanna, I have read how much you liked the el fuego. How does your nano compare to the el fuego (paddling, wave catching, upper and lower wave range)? Which board do you think would be more fun in the type of waves you were surfing in the video with your el fuego? That video almost made me order an el fuego, then the nano showed up. Thanks for your help.


      • aurfalien
        aurfalien commented
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        Ahh yes, I eagerly await his reply as I too cherish my EF and will always have it. Besides, its got the now rare factory paint job which they no longer do.

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      G’day Windswell - Ah yes now that is one mouth watering quiver right there.
      aurfalien is in the best position, he has the ELF already and if he adds the Nano then he is laughing!
      When reading this keep in mind that I had the 6’1” Elf and it was around 36 litres in volume.
      Paddling – No issues at all like I said, plenty of volume
      Wave catching - it caught waves just as easily, maybe slightly better. You may not have the same result if the volume is lower for your weight.
      Upper and lower wave range – for the Elf 1ft with push up to 5ft full type waves. When it got sucky the wide flat nose needed to be nursed a bit but again this was due to the extra float!
      Nano – TBA as I’ve only had two surfs on it.
      Which board for waves in that video? – You could go with either on that wave. The Elf for nice drawn out top to bottom carves and the Nano for closer to the pocket. This depends on how you like to surf.
      That video shows the smaller waves on that day. It’s towards the end of the surf when I paddled wider because I was too fatigued to bother hassling for the sets anymore. For the sets I think the Nano would’ve taken less nursing.
      Man it’s a tricky choice for you. On one hand you have the magic of the Nano but it's a “performance” board - I feel the Elf will cover more “Average” conditions more often and let’s face it – there are more average days than exceptional days.

      I’ll also add that the foot placement was nowhere near as critical on the Elf as it is on the Nano – Just plant and go!
      Good luck! I hope this helps.


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        Hey guys

        Seems that everyone is frothing over the Nano, but I have struggled a little bit with it so far. Might be that the waves have been crap and I need to take it out some proper waves.

        Everyone is saying that it is such a neutral board, loose and super easy to surf. However, I feel that it is kind of stiff and it sometimes surfs itself. It is super fast down the line, but feels like it is on tracks while doing roundhouses. My upper body is going one way and the board is going the other way. The size is a 5'9 and I have tried with fcs Performance and am2 fins Large fins since I am in the 200lbs range.

        Does it need to be surfed more of the back foot? Any suggestions?


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          Norberg, don't give up just yet.
          I am virtually the same stats as you riding the same size Nano.
          I had Rusty Blackstix - also a large fin and it did exactly as you are describing
          then I put in a set of WCT and the problem was solved straight away.

          I still want to try some other fins spoken about here on the forum but these are doing the job ATM.
          still haven't had great waves yet either but have seen some glimpses of its potential.


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            Thanks Goanna

            That's what I thought, Guess I have to wait til we get some proper waves here. So do you reckon fins with less rake is the thing to make the board pivot better?

            Did you find that you have to surf it more of the back foot all the way back on the tail?


            • Goanna
              Goanna commented
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              That's correct on both counts. Sometimes its a pain to make sure the foot is back but then the benefits far out weigh the small adjustment!!

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            Well, I'm more of the "dump the chump" logic. So if a board doesn't click, sell and get something else. The nice thing about FW is that they retain resale value, I've sold 3 or so boards that didn't exactly feel perfect. However I'd stay with the brand for a few simple reasons;

            1) Amazing line up of shapers and shapes.
            2) There technology.
            3) FW support, mainly Chris and Josh.
            4) This forum which is simply an amazing resource.
            Last edited by aurfalien; 08-07-2014, 07:21 AM.


            • norberg
              norberg commented
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              Yeah, I see what you mean. Could get the vg to work and sold that one pretty fast. However, don't think I'll sell this one before I have tried it in proper waves. Probably need to adjust foot placements and fins.


            • Chris
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              Thanks Aurf! appreciate the kind words. We certainly try our hardest to make ourselves available.

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            I'm not a fan of the "dump the chump" - my wife would have got rid of me ages ago!


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              Goanna, that loosely translates to "dump the (person that spends too much time selfishly participating in an individual activity)". I too would be long gone as well haha.


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                Hi Norberg, I have been finding my 5'8 Nano exactly the same. I got mine back in April and the swell pretty much dropped off here for months (I live at Croyde in England) and I took it in a few times but the waves weren't good enough. On the odd occasion that the waves were a little punchier I was struggling to get the best out of the board and got increasingly frustrated (I know that I surf off my front foot a lot and needed waves with more open faces so I had the time to try and adjust my stance). I also tried different fins, gradually getting smaller to try and loosen it up more. I have just been to france and Spain for amonth and surfed lots of close out beach breaks, getting the odd glimpse of what the board could do, but again struggling to get my stance right as most were really short sections, the board did feel great paddling around and super stable taking off. On Tuesday night I surfed Croyde @ 4ft with solid 5ft sets, long walls and put my stretch quad fins in.....what a transformation, the nano was fantastic in steep big drops, felt really stable and super loose but held on everything. At last I was seeing what everyone else seemed to see from the board, it is amazingly easy to climb back over whitewater as sections come down even on decent sized waves. I surfed it the next morning in smaller 2-4ft clean waves and had a couple of longer ones where I was able to get loads of turns in which felt effortless, with the board almost squirting its way through and out of them. I must have sorted out my stance which was easy to do in the punchy waves and I am looking forward to solid swell which should be arriving tonight to carry on building on this. I may even try a knubster to see how it works with the quad set (which was how I had them set up on a 6'0 short board). I was really worried that I had gone too big with the 5'8 (76kg, 5'9 £ 47yrs) and I could surf smaller, but it is very busy in the water here and normally needs a lot of paddling around to move around peaks, but it certainly seems to be working out now & just makes me desperate to keep getting in on it to get more out of it. Good luck with yours, if it's not too late then stick with it..if I can sort it anyone can! Cheers, Garry