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  • Just got me a 5.10 Nano - Continual Feedback


    31 year old South African
    92kgs in relatively good shape
    6ft tall (that's me surfing)

    Been surfing since I was 10, I sometime compete on regional level and have surfed at a few national championships in the past, however never really did well (plenty 2nd round exits)
    Most interestingly I went to school with Tomo, while I lived in Lennox Head as a teenager. Then returned in my early 20's to live with him, sleeping in his boardroom for a few months. This was around the time he started riding the KG fishes, and started to move away from traditional boards. I got the opportunity to ride all sorts of crazy crafts that he and his dad were experimenting with.

    During this time, I really found that "fishlike" boards allowed me to surf the way I wanted in terms of performance, while providing a really "easy" entry and paddle aspect. Allowing me to focus on actually riding the waves, rather than trying to get waves.

    I was stoked, to see Tomo partner with firewire and once I came across the Nano I decided this would be the ideal opportunity to try out the FST technology along with one of Tomo's latest designs.

    I bought the Nano, because I'm a little jaded once again by your standard thruster short board configurations and PU technology (I got through 3-4 boards a year). I yearn for something that gives me that feeling of "trim" yet is easy to maneuver letting me get loose and throw the board a round. Hence me landing on the nano. It's looks like a performance fish.

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    Sounds like some good history!!


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      Got to ride the board today for the first time, in 3ft slightly lumpy waves.

      Rode it as a quad, with 2 Mick Fanning large fins in the front and 2 medium Scarfini HX2 carbon bases at the back.

      Firstly the board paddles well, and there definitely feels like there is enough foam under my chest. Catching waves was relatively easy, riding on my backside mostly off a pier.

      Board has lots of drive and carry over flat sections, however did feel like it was tracking a bit (wants to go in straight lines)

      In the words of Hedgy "when I started to trust the tail" I managed to get a couple crackers off the top with good controlled release.

      I can feel already that I'll need to probably drop down to the medium size HX2 fins as a standard ride. The straight rail line and hard edges create all that directional drive, so I dont need more from a big fin. I am going to switch up to a thruster setup riding the above mentioned fins. (On my standard PU boards I rode bigger fins for drive and was able to quickly turn off them without much hassle)

      Weight of the board is not light, as compared to my standard 6oz top 4 oz bottom PU boards, however not heavy enough to complain about. Board felt stiffer than my normal boards but again not necessarily a bad thing either.

      As luck would have it, the forecast for the next 4-5 days is howling onshore.


      • Phill
        Phill commented
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        Yeah I'm a thruster guy in tomo's designs. Already have all the directional speed and drive you just want fins to control it.

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      Got to ride this morning briefly with a smaller fin (medium HX2) setup in thruster format. Board was still fast with plenty drive. Caught plenty waves in 2ft soft walls, and was able to pack in a few turns. Still trying to feel out those straight rails. Managed to throw the board into reverse on my backside and spun out easy enough. To be honest I think I'm riding borderline too much volume and wonder what a 5,9 would feel like in terms of turning and transitions. Paddling I like the 5,10 and wouldnt want to compromise.


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        I'm 92kg on the 5'9" and 46 yrs old so probably not as fit as you.
        It catches waves very well but is harder to paddle around a shifty line up. This means I can't last as long as I do on my Minidriver
        also riding mine as a thruster - WCT fins


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          I've tried both a 5'4 and a 5'6
          The 5'6 being a bit big for me, surprised me in how good it went anyways, it was a flowy ride oversized but still I could fit in tight turns and what not. I rode it with the medium accelerators (FCS2) and just absolutely loved it, wouldn't change the fins

          That demo with it, along with shedding the winter suit, convinced me to go with a 5'4 nano (ASL board bible didn't hurt either)

          So glad I did. The 5'4 is like my best performance shortboard, mixed with hold and crazy speed and flow like a fish. It's really improved my surfing.
          My hpsb's are typically (these days) 5'11 x 18 5/8 or so and I've surfed small boards since I was a teenager. I'm 38, in good shape at 5'8 x 160 pounds.
          I've really had a hard time leaving performance shortboards for anything else, i can have fun on wider squashier boards, but always feeling I am missing that bit of performance.
          The thing is, a performance shortboard always needs your input. The nano sort of just lets you have more time and leave it alone in between. It's really elevated my game again. Surfing more with flow and turning in more optimal positions on the wave. And so far, there isn't anywhere where it's holding me back.
          I still need to find the right fins for it, but I am real close and just loving it.

          First magic board in years, and I don't think you can miss if you get one a size big or a size small, in fact, I'll probably get the 5'5 as well to compliment the 5'4 for when the full winter gear comes on.


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            I'm in a similar boat. Performance boards are always recommended to me by my peers and shapers around me. The challenge is ... surfing is suppose to be fun. That's why I started when I was a kid. When things start becoming too technical and I'm more focused on those aspects, rather than simply flowing and feeling I believe I am off track.

            I probably need a session in half decent waves, where I can open up and try some more performance stuff. I cant wait for some bigger open faces, where I can really lay into it and see how it responds.


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              Surfed 4 solid punchy choppy sideshore waves today. Still trying to work out my backhand however forehand feels like my transitions are smooth and I can turn the way I want. Still getting used to FST as opposed to PU


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                Surfed out!

                Rode waves all day. Solid overhead stuff, with big open faces. Board was absolute magic.

                Incredible hold off turns. Long extended bottoms turns with no hops, bounces or funnies. Simply set the rail and it held without hesitation. Gave me a lot of trust, and allowed me to really put it on rail in the big stuff. Really stoked!

                All this riding a size down fin. Incredible stuff.

                Also board holding out quite well in terms of pressures. Which usually start to show their face within my first few surfs on any board.


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                  Board continues to demonstrate its vast range. Surfed it in 1 ft shorebreaks to 6-7ft barreling freight trains. FST is strong!

                  The MPH concept gives you lift and speed in places, and has changed the wave I surf for the better.