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  • 5'6 or 5'8

    so i am really debating on size with this board... i'm around 170 inter/adv and ride the ec usa.(so i'm really never in trunks. range from short arm full to full on 5/4 equipment). the wave that i am looking to ride this in is pretty much the same as timmy reyes video on the potatonator page.. but ONLY the end part thats about waist highish.. i have my 6'1 razor for anything above.. my potato is fun but doesn't do great at this one wave (weak when small but not soft).. a softer mushier wave it does well at however even though it might b too much volume imo

    i don't want to go too big but want to still b able to catch a ton of waves.. i'm a very good paddler but still want to be able to catch those 2-3 ft windswell short period waves.. i'm def not out to just cruise on waves..

    i rode a 5'8 dom for a couple years at 31L which was good but board didn't go great in the smaller windswell range.. the 5'6 has less volume 30.3 but will the shape make up for the difference and then some making it surf better in the smaller gutless waves?? or do i go up in volume and get the 5'8 at 33.9 volume?

    wish i could feel them up but don't have that option!

    paging chris...:) always like to hear a northern east coasters perspective.. diff world up here

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    megsy's sequence is a good example of the wave size as well that i'm looking at


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      man for me its 506 all the way. in fact i have one sitting at home in Maine for me as we speak.

      I just think surfing little beach breaks you don't necessarily need a ton of volume when the board is wide and flat.

      I think you stick with the smaller one...


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          sik guys thanks... hey chris how did maine fair from sandy?? talk to any folks up there about damage for any surge? i'm not close to the water but my parents block was under water and the beaches are unaccessable... new breaches in the outer beaches and all dunes are now gone.. nuts

          and now i feel like i'm gonna get shot when i go to try to get gas 2 hours waits.. (although i haven't waited yet) thankfully i had some jugs left from my generator


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            My friend Mark from Liquid Dreams told me that it wasn'r that bad at Ogunquit. No flood or major damages. The areas most affected were a bit more South. In fact I went there on Frid Sat last week and it was like nothing happened. Then at night when I finally turned on the Tv in the Hotel room the news were quite scary: destruction everywhere, ppl waiting in lines for hours to get some gas, no electricity nor running water... and the best of all the major of NY wanted to run a marathon, ppl was very pissed about it.