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  • Potatonator or? beginner


    Im 164 cm, 55 kg. I can stand up and follow the green part of the wave. I now have a 6.4 fish, widepoint of 20 1/2 and thickness of 2 1/2, volume don't know. I mostly surf windswell/ small groundswell, often more onshore than offshore, and uses 6/5/4 wetsuit. I do want to change my board for the upcoming season. Is potatontator a good choice? If it is, what size? If not, what other board is recommended?

    Thanks for helping me out.

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    A 6'4" fish looks like a quite a big board for your dims, the dominator could be another good board to help you improve quickly, it is very user friendly. But I believe the potatonator is also a good option. The thing with the fish is that the wider nose works wonders on the the less than good conditions. If you are planning on keeping the fish for the really crappy days and get something to progress go for the potatonator, something around 5'8" I'd say


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      @Morten, Pnator or Dom are great boards. Can't go wrong with either one. Just make sure you get the right size and/or volume.



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        Great! Im stoked, pnator looks awsome.. The volume calculater shows 26-28 if choosing beginner intermediate! That means a 5.4 or 5.6 if i go a little bit further up on the volume.. Will that be a too small board? What fins to choose? And anyone who can compare lost bottom feeder to the potatonator? Thanks for helping me out here in Norway


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          Beginner coming from a 6'4" fish din't drop too much size. Volume calculator is just a reference but given your level,the conditions you surf at and the thicker wetsuit, you do not want to be under volumed and not been able to catch the waves. 5'6" or 5'8" , I would try to stay away from the 5'4" given the conditions yo previously described.
          As far as fins go, is not a secret I love FUTURES, in your case a quad setup medium size


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            He just wondering if you can give me some advice. Im 60kg 5'6 35yr surfer girl mostly beach breaks , imtermediate. Ive got a 5'2 sweet potato for the small days. It has loads of float. Im ordering a 5'4 Potatonator for waves on bigger days (3-5 foot days). The potanator is 4 litres less volume. Will this be too massive of a difference? A 5'6 too similar to the sweet potator or should I go with that? Both Rapid fire. Also the potatonator is futures, not Fcs. Stretches a good choice? Dont want any thing too big and I'll be running them in my sweet potator too. Thoughts much appreciated!!


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              I think the 5'4" will float you plenty,remember the potato family packs lots of volume and that potatonator will work like a charm on those 3-5ft days. I myself have a 5'8" @87Kgs and even on a 6/4 suit it floats me plenty. Love that board onfat waves.
              Fin wise the rastas are nice. I do have a set of Solus on mine which have not left the board since I put them. It all depends on preference. But yeah stretches should go good as well, they have had some good reviews


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                yeah iggy thanks for the help!!