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Advice please need to downsize PN

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  • Advice please need to downsize PN

    Hey guys,
    I just sold my 6'2 PN, too corky for my liking and way too much volume.
    I am 35yo, 87kg, 188cm height, been surfing for 2 years and still consider myself as beginner/intermediate. Currently riding Chilli Red Peppa 6'0 21 x 2 1/2 = 34.42L. I love this board and floats me well.
    I am about to purchase PN FST but not quite sure if 5'10 or 5'8 would be sufficient for my level of surfing (I am looking for a board that helps me improve)

    Thank you for your inputs.

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    5'8" has plenty of volume for my almost 90Kgs. I could have gone for a 5'6" but the 5'8" gives the flotation I need specially during winter witth all the rubber on!!


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      Hi Tom I would say looking the volume cal that you could go a 508 pn but the drop in length might be a bit daunting at first. Go the 508 for more of a challenge to push your surfing. Keep the red pepa as a fall back if you have a bad session or two on the PN.


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        thanks, but I still thinking to get 5'10 for myself than 5'8 as it seems to me to dropping a lot in size. Wouldn't 5'10 feel too corky though.


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          I have the 5'10 and I love it. I could ride the 5'8 but I prefer the extra volume as I generally only ride it in smaller waves (waist and down) which dont have much push. Cant say it feels too corkey either. Just feels fast and loose. Even with Controllers in it.