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Potatonator STOKE! :D new 5'6 is a magic board

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    @kiteboarder, damn that's the exact quiver I want! haha!



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      Have to say that I miss the sweet potato in the really musy/soft/weak stuff that we typically get in the summer. I've been using a 7'10 SUP for that lately, but when there's a bit of wind it doesn't work any good. Might consider getting a 5'3 Baked potato at some point. Nothing but crappy surf lately, haven't had the chance to test the CC yet.... The 6'8 Step-up I have is something that I really don't need, I got it at a good price and wanted to try it out. At some days I was having trouble getting into waves with the 6'2 Alternator I had, and wanted something that made it easier.... the CC might change that though.

      The 5'6 potatonator work better for me as an all-rounder here than the 5'8 Spitfire I had. Better in weaker waves, more speed and drive but still I still feel that it work in the upper range where I want it too. And yes; I actually like the potatonator better than the sweet potato, but when the conditions is too weak for the -nator the potato is definitely more fun. As far as fins go: SF4 PC in all 3 boards work really well for me. Used the Spitfire as a thruster with K3/K2.1 for some time, but it required a better wave to get the speed I wanted. Only tried the -nator as a quad with SF4 PC.
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        Originally posted by Erling View Post
        Just have to tell you guys what an amazing board the 5'6 Potatonator is. This is the magic one for me and the average surf we get here, and this board with PC SF4 quad fins is perfect. Great speed and control, and super responsive! It might be because I went a bit smaller in size this time, but this board is nothing like the 5'4 Sweet potato I used to have.

        Looking forward to surf it again, so much fun!:D But hopefully there will be some decent swell coming in, so I can get the CC out in the waves as well.

        Here's some photos om my two new boards:
        Thanks for posting pics Erling! I am looking to buy either a Potatonator or Dom this year. Like everyone though I am in a bit of a quandary regarding board size.