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Potatonator sizing and supporting quiver

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  • Potatonator sizing and supporting quiver

    Have been riding a 6'10" spitfire and just recently a 6'3" baked which I really enjoy. I'm 62 years young ,classed as fit to very fit and have been surfing 30years. The BP has really opened up a whole new dimension in short board surfing for me,which I enjoy.On the volume calculator I fall within the 44 to 49ltr range. I am thinking changing my board sizes down to round the 50 to 52 litre volume, like this. 601 BP,606 Potatnator,7'Hellfire . I like a bit of volume as at times I can be a little slow to my feet.The 6'10 spit has cured this so I feel I don't want to go too low in volume ,even though the calculator says I could go 5'11" BP and a lot lower in the Potatnator.We are blessed with good surf in our area in NZ ,points and reefs that give me quality waves at least 3 days a week. I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks.

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    I'd say, given that you have boards to base your sizing off and you know how they feel, your own judgement will be the best here. I certainly wouldn't worry have having a couple of litres less volume in your boards for good waves compared to your baked potato though. If you can demo or borrow anything smaller that would help gauge how much smaller still feels comfortable.


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      yeah i agree with Phill as well. its definitely going to be a function of your own preferences and comfort level. The best thing you can do is use all your experience and what you know about your current boards when choosing your next one. If your current quiver is working, then you might not want to stray too far from those volumes. If however you really want to change/evolve, then you can get a little more aggressive.

      I do think, though, that you have a little wiggle room to drop down a little ways.



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        Hey folks ,thanks for the prompt replies. Yes I tending to agree with you both and try a demo . I think there may be one an hour north of here,in the 6'4" range. I'm leaning towards staying with the 50 litre volume then perhaps in a year dropping down to around 48ltr mark. Thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated.


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          @Judtaylor, you'll catch every single wave! chee!