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P'nator vs Dominator

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  • P'nator vs Dominator

    So i demoed a 6'2 Dominator on the weekend and it was super fast had plenty of float and paddle power. There's a part of me that is now thinking about demoing a 5'10 Potatonator. I dont really surf any more than should high waves so i'm thinking the potatonator will be a bit easier, thoughts on 5'10 or 6'0 P'nator? I'm 85kgs and 5'10 beginner/intermediate

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    Hey Peach I have a 5'8" Potatonator and I'm 85kg - 90kg and it floats me fine so as a beginner / intermediate I reckin the 5'10 - 6'0' would be fine.
    I also think you'd be able to ride it pretty much the same conditions as the Dominator so you could go either way.
    I use indo controllers in mine and it is super loose, fun and skatey but I'm also experimenting with thruster fins at the moment for a more shortboard feel- which reminds me that I need to give Slowman back his fins!

    I hope this helps


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      Cheers Goanna, i'm going to demo the 5'10 this weekend maybe with the futures controller quads a go or the Rustas what do you think?


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        Both will work fine but the Futures Controllers (same as my Indo controller copies) will give you a more skatey ride

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      If you're used to riding smaller boards, you can go 5'8. I own one at 83kg and 190cm and it floats me just fine and i'm no more then a intermediate. When this will be your first experience with a "shorter" board i'd reckon you have a look at the 5'10 or 6'0 The SA large quadset works great on this board, the bigger rear fins gives you just that extra drive and hold you need to progress.


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        85Kgs on thick wetsuits for at least 6 months a year and the 5'8" floats me plenty


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            Nice little wave iggy. Canada? or East coast US?