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  • Potatonator or Addvance

    Hi - I am new to the forum and this is my first posting. I need some advice on whether to buy a 606 Addvance or a 606 Potatonator.
    Here's the back story -I am 50 years old and have been surfing for many years and am of intermediate ability.I am 178cm tall - 5'10" and 80kg - 175lb- Surf fitness level is average as i only get in the water maybe 2-3 times a week so I go for plenty of volume in my boards. This works for me.
    About 12 months ago i bought my first Firewire - a 600 Sweet Potato @ 50 litres volume and I am addicted to it. I have hardly ridden any other boards in my quiver.
    My quiver consists of the Sweet Potato , a 7' Retro Quad Fish ( which is going to make way for the new Firewire) a 9'1" HP Longboard and a 9'5" Traditional longboard.
    I generally surf small to medium size beach breaks and have found the Sweet Potato a real hoot , my mates and even random surfers comment on the speed i can get but i have found it can get a bit sketchy in sucky steep take offs.
    I also like to do a trips overseas and surf non threatening reef breaks and I don't think the Sweet Potato is really the board to take - thus my dilemma.
    The Potatonator or the Addvance- both 606 models have about the same volume but which will do the job better for me at my sucky beach break and the non threatening reef break ?
    I am pretty much addicted to the quad set up now as well .
    Any thoughts , opinions or words of wisdom.
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    mmmm...I'm thinking they will both be fairly similar on average waves but on a suckier wave probably the Addvance because of the narrower tail.
    One thing I know is you're going to clean up on wave count with either board!

    Good luck with it
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      For sucky waves I would go for something with a bit more rocker, still on the hybrid department, have you taken a look at the Hellfire?.


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        Thanks for the input guys.After going through the forum and reading all I could on both boards I think I will go for the Addvance.Its a shame they are over $100 more expensive than the same spec other Rapid Fire models- I wonder why ?