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  • Board to Complement Potatonator?

    Hello everyone! I recently sold my "all around" (von sol shadow) board and am now looking for a new board to complement my potatonator. I am not an advanced surfer and have no desire to go for a high performance chippy board. I am looking at the Unibrow vs hellfire vs spitfire. I surf in San Diego so being realistic I will not often surf much greater than head high waves. Given that I purchased my potatonator oversized (6'6"), I think a lower volume spitfire (also at 6'6") might be fun though I do not want to exclude the Unibrow (6'10"?). Thanks!

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    Mate I would also look at mini driver. It is simular to the Unibrow but I think might have the edge porformance wise. If i was to have a two board quiver it would be the PN and MD.


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      How does the unibrow compare to a spitfire of the same volume. Is the unibrow more performance orientated?


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          I haven't ridden a spitfire but have recently been riding a timber unibrow. After over 40 years of surfing I think I know a good board and I have had many. Rod Dahlberg thrusters, Greg Webber afterburners, Energy thrusters by Simon Anderson and Frank Williams and boards by Wayne Lynch. I really enjoyed the McCoy lazer zap but hated the striped colours all great boards on their day. BUT this unibrow is up with the best I have owned - great in mush and brilliant in 3 to 5 foot point breaks. Soft and high tide or steep as the rocks pop up at low tide it works and works well. As a three fin it is very fast across sections and quick through turns. In mushy waves the wide tail gives it push but get foot back and it drives. Mine is 6'6" and I am 90 kgs but I prefer thicker boards at my age. The domed deck of unibrow gives thickness but avoids a bulky rail and board has less volume than 6'4" Spitfire. I was thinking of getting a smaller board (5'11" baked potato) but since getting Unibrow I haven't touched my other 5 boards and most are bound for the second hand racks.


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            Thanks Jambo

            I just got a little thrown by people recommending the unibrow for relative newbies instead of dominators or even spitfires. I suppose if you look at it from a volume point of view only, maybe.

            I got a 5'8" spitfire 31cc for average conditions a few years back. Great board, heaps of fun in small weak waves. When looking for a replacement, to get the same volume I'm looking at a 5'10" or even a 5'11" unibrow. Now to me that seems to defeat the purpose of a small wave fun board at 73kg and 172cm.

            I ride boards in similar dimensions to Chris so after reading a 5'10" unibrow felt a little too much for him I decide to gamble on the 5'9" unibrow. Wow, what a board, this is now my performance board for 2-5ft waves (in my area) sorry 6'0" alternator. Might be a different story in indo!

            For mush days I'll be sticking to the spitfire but as the tide drops or in cleaner, hollower conditions I'll be riding the unibrow.

            Regards Chook

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              Is the Unibrow significantly less forgiving than the Spitfire at the same volume?

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            G'day Matt
            I'm not sure as i haven't ridden them at the same volume. I would assume the Unibrow at the same volume would be a bit more performance orientated.

            Looking back at your original question. If you are looking for a board to compliment the Potatonator get the unibrow. If you are looking for 1 board with your stated ability and waves to ride, I would get the spitfire.


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              I asked Timmy Reyes what he thought and he said prior to the Unibrow being released, the Spitfire was his everyday board. Now his go to board is the Unibrow.



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                Sincerely thank you all for the advice. I definitely like the look and feel of the Unibrow (more so than spitfire). Now I just have to make the decision of whether to pull the trigger on the UB without a demo... Additionally, I must say that the Potatonator is an awesome board! I have only had a handful of good wave days with it thus far - to which it performed amazingly well - but it makes pretty terrible conditions fun. The future fins controller quads are def the fins that are working for me.