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POTATO-NATOR rippers, please advise...

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  • POTATO-NATOR rippers, please advise...

    Dr Chris, as an owner of a PN... the sharing of yours and any others knowledge would be hugely appreciated.

    I replaced my LSD Chubby Checka with new 5'11 FST CC and 5'6 RF PN
    I'm 6' and 80kgs... Surfing for 25+ years (yup. I'm Kelly's age ;)
    I have had 50+ PU boards over the years - (note: Always Thrusters)
    Felt right at home on the CC due to thruster setup (EA BlackStix) (volume, compared to my other boards, has shifted a bit towards the nose on the cc, but that was an advantage as can apply a bit more front foot pressure when required, which to me is a bonus)

    2 of my buddies are showing their lack in interest in still riding shortboards, so our weekly 'boardroom meeting' get together (every sunday) usually is held in sub par to terrible conditions. So for this day each week, instead of grovelling with my PU shortboards thought it was a plan to add a PN to my quiver.

    My problem: The PN paddled beautifully, better than anyboard i own (well besides the CC :), The 30cl volume felt perfect and I could catch waves, where the longboarders were sitting (instead of inside the bank). The problem was, Every time i got to my feet and tried to drive it from take off... it felt like somebody dropped anchor... It is extremely loose and pivoty (this part was awesome) I just couldn't generate any speed to use the looseness of the board to more effect (if that makes sense). It was like dragging a piece of kelp in your leash.
    Sorry fins are Mulcoys (usinq quad set), I see also that Chris, you have also commented on using the Mulcoys in your PN, would be great to hear your thoughts :)

    I have the feeling it's me adopting a thruster style approach to a quad?
    Wrong fins? Since this surf I've been loving the CC in little conditions and haven't surfed the PN again.

    My question is I need to revive the liveliness i felt but generate heaploads more speed? How?

    The're a few pics in my profile ... sorry new here :(

    Look forward to hearing your comments...

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    I have been riding thrusters my whole life as well and when I transitioned to the Potatonator I had a similar experience to yours. To solve the problem, I tried the PN with a thruster setup. This allowed me to utilize that middle pivot point of the center fin that I had been so accustomed to my whole life, while still generating plenty of speed from the PN. After riding it as a thruster for a while, I then transitioned to a quad setup and really liked it. So it might have just been a getting used to it issue. I have not tried the Mulcoys (there are mixed reviews about them), but I now run the Rastovich quad setup on the PN and love it - super fast and skate-like. Overall, the PN is a different surfing experience than the CC, so I've found I have to alter my style a bit to accomodate my board/ fin setup.

    - Firewire Intern Josh


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      Good advice, I'll try as thruster till I get used to the board then start messing with the quad setup, will post update :)

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    PN is back foot orientated, I find plenty of squirt if my foot is right back on the pad. Love my stretch quad setup (FCS) on my PN


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      I think I weight and unweight quite aggressively, will need to keep this in mind and keep weighting on backfoot between the fins..
      If the stretch's are working for you in PN is good news as the Mulcoys have very similar upright template.

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    Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated... looks like it's I that needs to adapt :)


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      Anyone tried it as twin+ trailer setup? How does it compare to quads?


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        That's my favourite fin set up and I tried a stack of different fin combos as you can see in my "potatonator, small wave assassinator" thread in the first few pages. If futures, the AMT twin with small trailer. If fcs, True ames CI twin with small trailer.


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 the size of your fins could be the issue too. If you are surfing weak waves and weigh 80kg, bigger fins (e.g., Large, more area) might help.



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            hawaii_boi Now thats something worth looking into.
            very weak 1 to 2 footers.
            Tried as a thruster this weekend in mush and a little bit better than quad setup with mulcoys, but probably more me getting used to the board... nice and skittish but still very little speed and bite compared to what i could generate with shortboard thruster. was planning on getting new fins maybe larger set would be good. thanks, will let you know :)

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          Hey guys

          will post soon detail soon... reason i was struggling with my pn was a 4mm twist in my leading mulcoy.
          since that checked all my futures and wound up replacing stamps quad set (slight twist) leading mulcoy (major twist) and ea blackstix (1 fin was 4 degrees out in cant :( only my am2's were true.

          if you're feeling that your pn is like a tank rather than a jetboat... check your fins.

          Local distributor was more than happy to swap out... had to go through quite a few packs to find true fins ;(

          Apparently since shifting the factory to thailand ... there have been some process issues... great ... when you consider the cost of 400 south african rand/fin... sad

          Anyhow... forced me to learn about fins very quickly and board is now a bomb... whoosh (am2 leading and mulcoys trailing/sometimes stamps leading)
          PN is a good board once setup correctly ;)

          Another hint... mix and match your fins between sets as the quadsets are created for normal quads... the pn is something special... and requires tweaking your fins to get optimum glide... ciao


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   all my boards have two different sets of fins put together hehe. it's a little pricey but worth it IMO!



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              I definitely agree with the heavy back foot style on the PN! I have noticed its transferring to my shortboard surfing which is nice when you want to bury the tail a bit harder! I run the stretch quads on my 5'6 and love them! Has anybody run it as just a twin (with something like the FCS FK-2's)??