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PN 54 or 56 please Help !!!

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    Hi Guys new stick just arrive, 56 Dom, stocked !! Unfortunately no waves till next wednesday :( But i will post later how it rides, gonna try it whith the PC5 quad set and see how it goes, any fin sugestions ?

    Truster and Quad FCS ? Medium range


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      Yessir,keep us posted. You wanna go quad on the dominator


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        aah ... shoulds gone pnator... as suggested by the clan above... if you're experienced a 5'4 would have been perfect.
        I'm 80 to 85 and have a 5'6 which is perfect in float at 30cl. I'm speaking for rapidfire ... not sure if fst is as bouyant... also same cl though.
        Enjoy your dom... evil board...


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 i tried the the dom and pnator and i'm with you: pnator hands down ! haha. I guess it all depends on how people surf and the type of waves?



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            Hi Guys, Dominator dominates, stocked, evil board :D !!! I tryed it in 2 to 4 foot + in the past month in good and mushy conditions and it just went insane , love the board so easy to surf and sooo responsive, i actually can pull better roundhouse cutbacks in this board and the size 5.6 just feel perfect when i'm in the wave but makes paddle a little more defiant for my 75-77 kg !
            P-Nator maybe next time... for now i dont change my Dom for nothing else unless is 4-6 feet !!! By the way new V4 on the way to complement my Dom, but have to wait till October, cant wait .

            Thanks a lot to all for the suggestions

            Cheers mates


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              Hi! I'm 5'9", 155lb, 36 years and been surfing sporadically for 22 years. Mi current board is a 6'2", 19 1/2", 2 3/8" but with the years is getting harder to catch the waves with it. I want to progress with my surfing but with that board I'm going nowhere.
              What you recommend for surfing small waves: the potatonator or the baked potato? And what size of board for my condition?

              Thanks in advance!


              • Karluxi
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                Hi Polbo, i say BP for 1-3 foot waves or PN for 2-4 foot waves, BP 51 for performance or 53 for paddle power and increase the number of waves, PN 54 for performance or 56 for paddle power and increase the number of waves !
                And to mix things up Dominator 56 for performance or 58 for paddle power and increase the number of waves, im loving mine from 2-4 foot !

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              5'6 or 5'8