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  • Duck Diving a Potatonator

    I purchased a 6' PN about 3 weeks ago (160 lbs, 5'10"). I was previously riding a 7'6" fun shape and have been surfing just under a year. I'm loving the feel of the PN and paddling into waves is much easier than I anticipated considering how much I dropped in size from my previous board. Probably my biggest frustration is trying to duck dive. I realize my technique will need work since I was previously rolling my 7'6" but it seems like I almost have too much volume to do a proper duck dive. I can get the nose down but it seems impossible to submerge the tail with my foot. I typically get dragged backwards by the white water or, on occasion, tossed back over the falls. Thought I'd throw this out there and see if others are having similar issues. Any solutions, different techniques, etc.? Seems funny to try to turtle roll a 6' board...

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    With higher volume boards you can duck dive at a bit of an angle so you sink one rail ahead of the other and then kind of balance it out under water. A bit more tricky to get used to but it works.


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      I agree with Phill's advice. Or you could treat it like longboard and time the sets so that you paddle out during the lull and don't have to duck under any waves.


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        Are you holding the board way up towards the nose when you push under? Maybe hold the rails a bit more towards the middle. It may help the PN to pivot when you push the tail in.

        I've got a 7'6" funboard as well and I usually duck dive that too, but not so gracefully, so my 5"10 PN is a breeze to dive. (I'm ~6' 170#)