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potatonator vs V2 rocket

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  • potatonator vs V2 rocket

    Has anyone ridden both of these board's??? I used to have a 5-10 potatonator and loved it... but all year I have been riding a mini driver 6-4 in fst!! I just bought a 6-3 js revolution but it doesn't have the same get up as my old potatonator... so I'm thinking about getting another one at 6-0!! But I just seen the v2 rocket... help would be good...

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    i put the same question up a couple of days ago. doesn't look like many people have ridden a V2, but plently on a potatonator... general concensus is that the V2 is going to be similar to a spitfire, but with a bit more tail rocker. Should love bowly waves. The P-nator will be better in mush, and smaller waves...

    what Matt Biolos told me, is that the V2 will be good from just over knee high, to a foot or 2 over head, from that point you really need a step up board like a Rock-Up or Mini Driver...

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      I have ridden both boards. I replaced my 5-8 potatonator with a 6-0 V2. I never really felt the potatonator worked for me. I use a sweet potato in the small stuff but found the potatonator a little sluggish in the medium stuff and would pearl on anything head high. I think the volume placement doesn't suit my style of surf (too much foam in the tail?). I got a 6-2 hellfire (such a sick board) for the head high and up surf and just took the v2 out in knee high surf this evening. I could not believe the speed I was getting in such awful weak surf. Seriously these were the sh**iest wave I have ever paddled out in. I am thinking that this board is going to be a perfect ride for anything from ankle to head high. I am using the Clay Marzo tech flex 5 fin set as a quad. The V2 is definitely a small wave killer. Haven't taken it out in anything bigger than thigh high yet but I can tell its going to work well. I am intermediate + 43 yo 180lbs 6' tall. wearing 5-4 wettie which is why i ride such big boards. Putting the 5-6 sweet potato up for sale as the v2 will be my new summer slop annihilator.


      • Hugomcsm
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        Hello, i have a Hashtag 5'11'', by reading many posts i got the idea that you have also a spitfire and a v2 rocket. I'm looking for a board that would fullfield the lower end of the hashtag. But have many doubts, what to choose? spitfire? Potatonator? Or a v2 rocket (saw one in a surfshop and loved the board shape)? Could you give me some help, based on your boards expirience?

        Many regards Hugo

      • Coastandtoast
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        Hugomcsm. Spitfire or V2 are both boards I have ridden and loved. I find they surf very similar so if you like the look of the V2 then go for that. I ride a 6-0 hashtag and found the 6-0 V2 a little too much volume I should have gone 5-10 on that. I have the 5-10 spitfire and that is the perfect compliment to my hashtag at just a couple litres more volume. Potatonator was just a slug for me at 5-8. Hashtag is the best board I have ever had. in head high + it just blows my mind. I am currently selling my spitfire timbertek as I have fallen out of love with the tech. Looking at maybe going double agent in a 5-8