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Potatonator v El fuego?

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  • Potatonator v El fuego?

    I was going to get a 5'10" potatonator but then I started reading up about the El fuego 6"1' which I've heard is a great board. I surf UK waves and have 5'6" SP which is great for anything up to 2 ft. I want something for 2+ and a bit more performance...any thoughts?

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    l had a 6'1" El Fuego and it was one of the most versatile, easy to ride boards I have ever owned and I have regretted selling ever since. (an offer came along too good to refuse) I have a 5'8" Potatonator which is a great board but I would swap it for the El Fuego again in a flash. I'll get one again one day.


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      That's really interesting...why is that? I used to ride a Dom 6'0" which caught waves brilliantly, but I found that it didn't race down the line very well but did like to be in the pocket...not a particularly quick board.