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BP vs PN??? Advice appreciated

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  • BP vs PN??? Advice appreciated

    Hey everyone, ive been reading alot of the posts on these forums and i had to create an account to get some of this awesome feed back on what kind of board I should personally get because your advice for everyone else so far has been great. Im def at an intermediate surfing level. Ive been surfing for 4 years on a spectrum 7'6" funboard, a 6"10' pigfish (oceanside spoiler board), and a 6'2" stewart s-wing comp board. Im 5'6" and around 130 pds. (volume would be 27-30... i think?) We sold our shortboard last season cuz it was old and my sister wanted to get a board. so ive been surfing the 6'10" all summer and i really feel ready to transition to something new. The conditions im surfing are new jersey ocean city, SIC, strathmere, LBI, manasquan, and some spots down in SC (cherry grove and folly beach)... so these waves are generally small and mushy, sometimes clean and knee-chest. but on some days it can really pickup for east coast surfing and the 6'10"wont handle anything above chest to head height too well, plus i want something faster than the traditional thruster but i dont really wanna surf a twin. So ive been reading and looking around at surfshops and i have my eye on the baked potato or the patatonator. but ive also never surfed a quad. If you guys could offer me some advice on these boards it would be very much appreciated. Thanx!

    p.s. i also saw a mayo fish quad that had a potatoey shape to it, and really extreme V curves on the bottom of the board ina surf shop in cherry grove, SC. i would appreciate if anyone could shed some light on how that kind of board surfs. and i would consider surfing a dom
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    The baked potato will excel on the small sized waves but the pnator will go a bit further on the upper scaled waves.both boards share the same DNA. One thing though at 130lbs 30lts will float you too much


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      PhillySurf agree with iggy.



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        The dom might be a better option as a one board quiver. the biggest problim i see for you is the drop in lenght. If you are used to surfing a 610 a 506 PN at your vol range will feel small. The dom would be longer and have the float also and been so light you will have no issues riding musshy waves on it. Just some food for thought. Other Dom riders might chime in here with better info for you.


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          i agree the dom works as a one board quiver here on the east coast.. i rode one for a while as a one board quiver before i went and bought a bunch of other firewires so i sold the dom.. both of my brothers and one of my good friends are doing the dom as a one board quiver and they like it


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            hey guys i was able to read all your posts this morning which turned out to be a clutch move. Iggy and Hawaii boi thanks alot, i took your advice on lowering the volume. And thankyou pmorgan and kdropin for your input on the dom. i made it out to ocean city today with my dad to checkout the surf. it was small and mushy but it was rideable if you waited for the sets to roll in. we surfed for a few hours, pretty much till we were too cold but at the end of the day i cracked the glass on my nose pretty bad on the 6'10"... we drove down to our ussual shop but they were closed, we were gonna go home but i knew there was a heritage shop down the street who might be able to do repairs to the board. we ended up going in and getting my 6'10"set to patch up and we set up the spectrum to get a few dings out of it. upstairs they had a board section and right away i saw a BUNCH of firewire boards. it was so cool i was just showing my dad everything they had... long story short, i ended up getting a 5'4" potatonator with the rapidfire tech, and a 6'0" dom with rapidfire for my pop and i couldnt be more stoked. thanks again for the quick feedback, it turned out to be very useful. now come the question of fin
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              Stoked you went with a 504 PN and that your dad is on a Firewire as well. When I was out in SC about a month ago I surfed Isle of Palms area and was wishing I had my PN with me!

              As far as fins go, that is a very personal thing. I ride my PN with the Rasta quads and dig that setup. I have also thrown on my Machados for when it got a little bigger just so I could get a little more hold via that center fin. However, my recommendation to you would be to go back to that surf shop where you bought your Firewires and see if they have a Future fins tree ( I have found that for me, and for others, that this is the best way to figure out which fins work for you and which fins do not, before you make a purchase.

              - Firewire Intern Josh


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                thanks josh im siked too! i will definately checkout the futures fin tree, i checked out the link and it says my local shop has one. would you be able to tell me about potential setups or direct me to a forum post which has already covered the topic? i plan to only surf it as a quad and maybe have a backup stubby mf, but i dont know much about the quad setup basics. i have mid size fcs from my thruster could i put them on as rears? will they be too stiff or slow? or should i go brand new full set? i also really like the way the controllers matchup like a twin but are split for the quad (holy price tag). eventually i wanna mix and match but if you could send me in a good starting direction it would help for sure


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                  you're talking two different fin systems now.. either future or fcs.. i have fcs and really like the stretch sf4's in pc (the yellow ones).. i'm your weight as well.. get them and you'll be done experimenting.. they have good drive but the pivot is great! def what u need/want at the beach breaks on the east coast where u have to try to get turns in quickly with a small amount of space to do them