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    I'm 5'9 and 145 lbs. Without Wetsuit. I usually go out in a 5mm Wetsuit. I surf in mushy, really gutless windswells most of the time. I'm looking for something that can handle these weak conditions, but something that isn't too far away from a shortboard. I was looking for the Lost Bottom Feeder, but a local Surfshop showed me the Potatonator. The tail looks pretty wide and I'm afraid that can't get this thing on rail if I go too big. I want to increase my learning curve especially in that "performance style". But these weak wave is what I surf the most. So should I go with a 5'4 PN and will I still be able to perform on it. Or should I go smaller or bigger, or should I order something different?
    Please Help!!

    By the way, my current board is a roundtail FunFish in 6'1 and it feels too long.

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    Hi I am 150 lbs in the birthday suit and 5,7 and ride a 504 in a 5mm suit boots hood gloves. It's a great wee board. I have no problem burying the rail on bottom turns top turns etc. In weaker surf the board goes really well as long as there is shape to the wave ,not barley braking mush. the bp would even struggle here. wouldn't go too big with these as they pack a lot of foam right to the nose. The deck is flat and only tapers at the rails. You are 5 lbs lighter than me. The 504 could be the one.


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      Agreed with pmorgan as well. Those boards are gutlesswave rippers. 5'4" looks about right specially if you are looking to squeeze any juice on hose waves


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        I too love my PN for small wave surfing - more so than the BP or SP because everything is pulled in a bit (more shortboardy). See if you can demo the 504 at a shop near you to see how it goes.

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          Thank you all for your input! 504 seems to be the right one for me. A little bit of extra foam for weak waves but still be able to surf it rail to rail sounds perfect :)