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Potatonator fin system

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  • Potatonator fin system

    Hello to everybody,

    I'm going to buy a 5'6" potatonator so I have read a lot about this surfboard. After search about the fin system I discovered there are 2 different fin versions. I found potatonator images with classic fcs like system and the future like system.

    Why there are 2 different versions?

    Thanks for all

    FUTURE style:
    FCS style:

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    People have different preferences. If all your other boards were FCS you'd probably want to stick with that, vice versa if Futures.


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      Thank you Phill.
      So you have to order directly to firewire a custom board with one or other fin system? or there are different fin systems in standard firewire boards?


      • Phill
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        Depends where you live. If you're in eruption all stock boards are FCS. If you're else where there is usually a mix of both.
        If you're after something specific you can get your dealer to put an order in to Firewire.

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      If this is your first surfboard, you can't really go wrong with either fin system (FCS or Futures). If you have previous boards with either fin system, then I would recommend staying consistent with that fin system so that in the future you can buy and swap out different fins for your boards.

      - Firewire Intern Josh