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6'6 addvance vs. 6'6 pnator...some help please

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  • 6'6 addvance vs. 6'6 pnator...some help please

    cuttles im sure you have a lot to say based on reading your other thread(seeing you owned a 6'6 advance) please feel free to go off on any and all info...I am about 190 lbs which I know has me riding a smaller board but I am coming down from riding a longboard all the its more about being a lazy paddler and used to seeing a lot of board out in front of at home(texas) I usually have thigh to waist high mush...occasionally we will get some clean chest but never with a lot of punch or pitch...however I am looking to travel to costa rica with this board soon also..expecting waist to head high beach break with some juice....I would love to hear all the differences to expect between the ride of these 2 boards...paddling into slow/fast waves...anything you want to compare/contrast please do so.

    thanks in advance!

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    Either one will work and it comes down to whether you want to ride a higher volumed fishy ride in the addvance or go for a shortboard feel in the addvance. Both are excellent wave catchers. They both plane early when paddling for waves. They both handle a steeper drop. The addvances narrower tail does allow it to do snaps in the pocket if the surfer riding it is up to them. The potatonator will do a snap but its lower nose rocker can be tricky when dropping back into the trough in steeper pockets or barreling waves. I've ridden my potatonator is great overhead barrels and the trick is slowing it down as its such a naturally fast board. The potatonator doesn't need to be ridden over-volumed and will feel vague underfoot if you go too high. So you'd be looking at just a 5'10"-6' for your weight depending upon your ability. Depends upon whether you'd be comfortable on a pointy nosed (compared to a longboard) short board. The addvance would take less time to get used to.


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      Oops...shortboard feel in the potatonator is what I meant to write. The addvance will have the edge in weak, slow waves. The potatonator will feel faster in punchier, quicker waves.


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        thanks for the feedback!