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A little confused about PN size

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  • A little confused about PN size

    My 5'8 dominator was stolen from my garage last week. Thinking about replacing it with a potatonator for my 1-4 ft mostly mushy homebreak and a unibrow for good days and travelling. Volume calculator 29-32, 165lbs., 6'1, intermediate, mostly in 5/4 wetsuit. As for the UB I'm pretty sure about a 5'10. The PN has me confused however. Since rule of thumb for a PN seems to be 2 inch smaller than a DM, I was thinking 5'6. However this would be the same volume as the 5'10UB and less volume compared to a 5'8 DM. Doesn't sound logical to me, since I want it to be a better groveler compared to a DM. Should I go 5'8 at 33,9L? Or is the PN shape more important than volume in grovelling? Gut feeling is telling me 5'8, but don't want a board that is to corky... Have to order online, no possibility of checking both sizes out before ordering. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    5'6 should be plenty of you at 165. The Potatonator shape and rocker will aid it in small waves, but if the. 5'8 Dom never felt big to you then you could go 5'8 Potatonator no sweat.


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      I'm 94kg / 207lb and ride the 5'8"


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        A PN and and UB sounds like a good setup. I agree with Phill's advice on the 508 PN. The board is more buoyant than you think so you can afford to go a little smaller.

        - Firewire Intern Josh