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Trouble choosing fins

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  • Trouble choosing fins

    Hi everyone. I have a 5'8'' PN and although I like the board, feel like I'm not riding the right fins. I'm 82 kgs (+- 185pounds), I've tried H3 Large truster, front H3 and gx back quad glassflex, H3 front and 2 back stabilizers from MR twin's (fiberglass), and now I'm riding front MR fiberglass and the truster H3 back fin.
    I prefer trusters, but this board seems to be made to ride quads...
    Any advice and opinios would be much apreciated.

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    Controllers here - very skatey and super fun

    also like AM2 thruster for when I want to ride it more like a short board

    94kg / 5'8" PN


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      Mine is FCS system... But I do have large AM's... thruster. But never tried them on that board.

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    Is it also possible to use a rear quad fin as a center?
    I don't have any thruster set except some old g5 plastic fins.
    But have some Sa2 quads. They are smaller but 50/50 foiled.
    Did somebody already try it?


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      Always preferred my potatonator as a thruster. With Futures it was with EA blackstix or even better with Robber twins and small trailer. With fcs on a slightly over-sized potatonator I used CI twin (from True ames but same template as Robbers). Try the MR fronts and a MR trailer as centre fin.


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        I wi


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          The PN is optimized to be ridden as a quad, but that does not mean you can't ride it as a thruster. If you go thruster, I agree with cuttlefish that the EA blackstix work very well. I throw in my Machados when I ride it as a thruster, but the profile of those compared to the blackstix are almost the same. As a quad, however, I like the Rastovich fins a lot. I will ride it as a quad in 1-2.5ft surf, and ride it as a thruster in 3-4ft. surf. As soon as there is a little push and you're not forced to generate your own speed, the thruster setup is nice because you have a center fin to pivot off of.

          - Firewire Intern Josh


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            My PN is with FCS, and I think I would like to surf thruster if I found a set that would work. I only ride the PN in small waves. As they come better I ride my JK.
            What FCS set would you recommend?


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              Just got Stretchís new S3 fin set (stretch controllers). Itís been two weeks and about 6-7 sessions and these have been the best fins that I have run on the PN (5í6). They are crazy fast right out of the gate, havenít missed a section yet and the back fins give the pivot needed. The s3 fin set creates so much drive itís insane. It looks like itís going to be too much fin but they are so rad.
              Stretch has these fins made by Fins unlimited down in San Diego so you know there is no question about quality (made in America is a plus). Stretch has these fins made for his Buzz models, which have a deep double concave just like the PN. They are like Future controllers but with a better inside custom foil and fuller tip. They are making two sizes for big and small riders. I have been riding stretch fins for a while now but these are the best fins for this type of board with deep double concaves in the tail.
              They are a bit pricey at $120 but after that first pump and you feel the speed, trust me itís worth it. You have to buy from stretch online store because no shops have them yet.