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    Hows it going guys?

    So... I am looking for a board for my missus. Shes about 5'6 and probably doesnt weigh much more than 50kgs...

    At the moment shes got a 6'4 minimal fishy type thing... Its fairly thin in the waist but has plenty of volume and a little fishy tail. I have heaps of fun on it in tiny surf.

    We were in Byron Bay the other morning and swapped boards, it was the first time shes been on my chubby chedda (5'9 27.5L) and she got into way more of the tiny little waves on offer and even seemed more stable etc....

    I am wondering if the fear people have of very short boards is warranted? And what boards would you suggest?

    She is unlikely to go out in anything over 3ft for a while i reckon unless she gets loads of confidence and/or better at smashing out/duck diving.

    Boards i had in mind were 5'4/5'6 potatonator, 5'6/5'8 dominator or spitfire... Something thats gonna be a lot less bulky, and go really well in 1-3ft plus accomodate a lot of progression and just be super fun. I really want to make paddling out easier for her and get her whizzing down the line putting turns in... Bump her over the hill were surfing turns from scary and impossible to easy, exciting and fun!

    Maybe a lot of other guys have similair ideas or experience to draw from?

    Thanks in advance, cant wait to hear some opinions!!

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    Mate I don't think you could go wrong with any of those 3 in 5'6"
    you've hit the nail on the head!


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      Hmmmm i suppose now just have to demo a few, thatl be some fun days out anyway... and i reckon even if she doenst ride them theyll be perfect size for me ;)


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        Any more input anyone?! Im thinking maybe a spitfire now....?!?!


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          I would go for the Pnator, the tail on theat board will allowher to cruise on the small stuff while delivering some moves due to the double concave and the rail config


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            Yeah i reckon so... You think 5'4 or 5'6?


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              I agree with Iggy on the PN for her.

              - Firewire Intern Josh